Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to spruce it up, there are a number of simple projects you can take on to improve your curb appeal. The exterior of your home is the first impression visitors will have and reflects upon the people living inside. Listed below are a few easy and affordable ways to ensure your home will make a lasting impression.


Five ways to add curb appeal


Tidy Up:

One of the most cost effective ways to help your front yard stand out is to make sure everything is clean and well kept. You’ll be amazed at what a mowed lawn and good pressure wash can do! You want to make sure any unnecessary items like lawn tools, toys, and old newspapers are picked up and stored where they belong. Clutter can make even the nicest house look dingy. Clearing broken tree limbs from the roof and yard, and raking the leaves in the fall will also help your home look tidy and polished. It’s also a good idea to find a discrete location to store the garbage can such as the garage or backyard. Nobody wants to see what you ate for dinner last night. A little elbow grease can go a long way in making the front of your home look spectacular!

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Add Some Color:

A great way to freshen up your exterior is a new coat of paint. Over the years paint can get dull and dirty which dampens your curb appeal. Drive around your neighborhood to get an idea for a general color scheme and then choose a color that will fit in nicely with that. Doors and shutters are a great area where you can add a pop of color without being too overwhelming. Choosing a front door with interest, like a fancy window installment or a bold color, will add a unique flair to an otherwise boring house.



Greenery is always a good thing when it comes to a home. Adding some bright annuals to your flowerbeds will make the house look warm and inviting. If a full blown garden seems a little overwhelming, however; try some potted plants or hanging baskets. Whatever kind of landscaping you choose, it is important to maintain it. Having a green lawn and flowerbeds that are weed free and freshly mulched give an impression that the house has been well taken care of, both inside and out.


Landscaped garden to increase curb appeal at home
By Dyogi under CC BY 2.0


Once you have cleaned and freshened up your exterior, decor is the next step. Adding these little accents will compliment your house and bring the design together in a cohesive fashion. Simple things such as a welcome mat, wreath, or decorative house numbers will add sophistication and make your home look like it came straight out of a magazine!

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Curb appeal doesn’t stop at night. Ample lighting will allow your home to look stylish and put together 24/7. You can find affordable lights for you walkways at your local hardware store. Replacing the old builder grade lighting fixtures on your front porch will also add an area of interest to your home and help in stand out in a sea of similarity.