Future Proof Interior Decoration – Make a Style that Lasts

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Decorating the inside of our homes is all part and parcel of keeping the house looking modern, fresh, and attractive. However, most people these days have neither the time nor the inclination to decorate over and over again in line with fashion, seasons, or other changeable factors that can affect choice of decor.

One way to eliminate the need to do this is to make a wise and informed decision the first time around. By choosing styles that are timeless and are designed to last, you can do away with the need to keep repainting or redecorating your home, as your decor will look great at any time of the year and will continue to look great as the years roll by.


Simple tips to future proof your decor

There are a number of tips to keep in mind when it comes to future proofing your interior design. This includes:


bedroom interior
By Aleksey Gnilenkov under CC BY 2.0


Use neutral colours on walls 

Some people class neutral colours as boring, but there are ways and means around this. Using neutral colours means that you can get away without having to keep repainting your rooms but you can still change the overall style simply by changing accessories such as art work. If you want to liven things up, you can have one statement wall in a different colour, which means that if you want to change the look of your room you will only have one wall to repaint.

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Use throws and cushions

Buying furnishings can be costly, and most people simply can’t afford to splash out on new items whenever they want to change the look of their room and their furniture. However, using throws for your settees and cushions for chairs means that you can keep the same furniture but still change its look simply by switching the throw or changing the cushion covers.


living room interior design
By Aleksey Gnilenkov under CC BY 2.0


Go for laminate or wood flooring

If you use carpeting in your home, you may end up wanting to change it because of the colour or because of wear and tear. However, wood and laminate flooring will go with most types of decor and if you opt for quality it will last for years. So, you won’t have to keep changing it in order to fit in with changes to your decor or style.

Opt for paint not wallpaper

If you paper the walls in your home and you then want a change of style, you have to go to all of the hassle of scraping off the old paper and putting up new. However, if you paint the walls, all you need to do is give your walls a fresh lick of paint if you want to refresh your decor or change the colour.

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All of these methods are designed to make life easier for you when it comes to your interior decor, and can help to ensure that you are not continually having to make big changes that cost a lot of money and take up lots of time.