Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas For Dining Room

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The Mediterranean design style is one that is constantly growing in popularity. We can say that the demand is as high as it ever was. This style of design incorporates various influences from Italy, France, Greece and Spain. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as “Spanish Modern”. Many adore Mediterranean interior design because of the beauty offered, one that is luxurious and grandiose, with furniture that is ornately carved and heavy tapestries or with understated rough wood furniture and rusting elements.

Mediterranean dining room

Designing the dining room is all about incorporating elements that are a part of the Mediterranean interior design trend while putting a focus on natural light and the appropriate colors. The idea is to make it feel as if you are really close to the sea, feel it while you eat your favorite dishes. In most cases the pieces used will be short, the hardware is heavy and the walls are textured. The fireplaces and countertops are frequently showing bullnose edges.

Basic Design Elements To Consider

Mediterranean dining room 2

Whenever designing your dining room and trying to incorporate the Mediterranean interior design theme, make sure that you consider the following:

  • Colors: The Mediterranean colors are those of the sky and sea, sometimes including yellow, lavender and terra cotta.
  • Tiles: Mosaic tile designs will be perfect in many Mediterranean interiors. You can use a mirror frame and a tabletop and tile look can be simulated with mosaic borders on walls, furniture or floors.
  • Accessories: Wrought iron fireplace screens, filigree light fixtures and burnished bronze urns stand out great, especially when you want to add a little Moroccan influence.
  • Textures: Visual depth is necessary and you can easily create a great visual with sand-textured walls after adding glaze and paint.
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The Dining Room Paradox

Mediterranean dining room 3

The difficulty with the Mediterranean dining room is that the dining room needs to be simple. This makes it hard to decorate as the Mediterranean style depends a lot on various heavy decorations. The easiest thing you can do is try to make the windows as large as possible, change furniture and then add suitable drapes. First consider the color scheme and make sure it is suitable. Choose the table first and the chairs. After, consider what the floors and walls have to be like, so that they match. This approach makes it really easy to create a perfect Mediterranean dining room that also includes your personal style. Every design can be combined with various elements to create something that resonates with the personality of the homeowner.