Giving Your Conservatory A Cozy Look In Winter

Adrian Cruce

Giving Your Conservatory A Cozy Look In Winter

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Is your conservatory a no-go area during winter? For most people it is but that shouldn’t be the case, you can give your conservatory a cozy winter look and you can work on heat loss problems if this is why you avoid it. Building the conservatory was an investment and it is a shame that you don’t get to enjoy it year round so we decided to help you with some ideas that will allow you to enjoy the place during winter months too.

How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm During Winter Months

Extending the central heat system of your house to your conservatory might not be an option but you can keep your conservatory warm during winter months with electric radiators. This is not only a quicker option but also a cheaper one. There are numerous types of electric radiators you can purchase including free-standing models and electrical radiators designed to fit in low wall space. If you are worrying the heat will be lost through the glass windows, consider an electric radiator that is able to heat at a greater intensity, such as radiators that utilize dry stone elements. Ceramic elements are also great for retaining heat and the warmth is long lasting since they take longer to cool down.

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Make sure the floor is insulated properly in order for the heat to be reflected back in the room.

How To Give Your Conservatory A Cozy Look In Winter

If you plan to use the conservatory during winter months, you most definitely need a rug that will not only protect your feet from the cold floor but will be like extra insulation for the floor. Choose a thick rug that looks inviting and opt for cold tones for a winter vibe.

Make sure you have plenty of blankets to use and for the best cozy feel, make sure the blankets match the color scheme of your conservatory.

Invest in good quality blinds that will help you to keep warmth inside during winter months and will protect you against the heat of the sun during summer months. This type of blinds can be pretty expensive but you won’t regret purchasing them.

During summer months your conservatory can be ok with a table and some chairs, especially if you use it for dining however, during winter months, a sofa is a better option since you can snuggle up in a blanket and be more comfortable.

As for colors and decorations, think about the vibe you want to give your conservatory. If you want it to be more rustic, choose wood furniture in brown shades. If you prefer a more living-room feel, try picking up neutral colors. Grey tones and beige tones are a good options for you and they will also create the illusion of more space since most neutral colors do that.

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Plants are great in conservatory during spring, summer and fall but during winter months we recommend moving them to a place that is warm all day long and to bring winter decorations to replace them.