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Tips for Staging a House for Sale

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Are you thinking about selling your house? Well, you can’t just put it on the market as it is. Make some changes first. Remember, presentation and preparation are key to boosting the value of the home you made memories in and selling.

It is important to get started with the interior. Why? 82% of real estate agents state that staging a home makes it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves spending their lives there.

So, ready to give it a go? Continue reading for these tried-and-true tips below.

How to Stage a House Before Selling It

1.      Provide a Blank Slate

Before you stage your home, you must clear your personal possessions. It includes pictures of your family, drawings made by your children, and trinkets and paintings on the wall.

The reason for doing this is simple; buyers should be able to imagine a new life for themselves in your house. Thus, they need a clean slate, not a trip down memory lane with your family.

Offering a blank slate to potential buyers also involves moving around furniture to complement the best features of all your rooms. For example, it is wise to place your couch by the window, so a couple can picture themselves curling up together on it and watching tv or reading a book.

2.      Add Some Colors

If you want to complement your furniture in the best way, it may be a good idea to paint it a neutral color. However, there is no restriction regarding using patterned or striped wallpaper. They tend to make rooms look cozier and larger than they are.

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Moreover, painting all the walls in your home is a cost-effective way to enhance the appeal of your home.

3.      Bring in Some Lights

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of staging a home for sale. You can easily do this by repositioning light fixtures and lamps to bring out the rooms’ best features. It can also reveal the attractiveness of the house’s architectural details and your carefully picked artwork.

Furthermore, if your kitchen, dining room, or living room needs more light, think about adding some light fixtures there too, and add some glow to the rooms. However, remember not to make your home glaringly bright; it could hurt the chances of your home being sold.

4.      Declutter the Rooms

Staging your house for sale includes getting rid of any items in your home. Like de-personalizing, removing clutter, such as magazines, books, and papers, helps potential buyers picture a life of their own.

Purchase some cheap baskets and store all your stuff neatly in them. But feel free to display any items you believe will be a fine décor piece for your home.

5.      Clean It All

A clean home gives the impression that it is cared for. It is important for most potential buyers who do not want to live in a house that has been neglected. In addition, an aired and clean home will feel welcoming and fresh, increasing the possibility of your house being sold.

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If you do not want to or have time to clean, make sure there is no clutter around or nasty odors. It is also up to you to ensure that there are no incomplete maintenance jobs; otherwise, buyers may get the impression that your home will require a lot of fixing before it is habitable for them.

6.      Give a New Look to the Kitchen

There is a lot that goes into the kitchen than just cleaning and decluttering. More often than not, it may be why you are not getting a fair offer for your home. Therefore, before you can stage your home to sell, think about remodeling the kitchen.

Experts say that a new kitchen shows buyers that a house has been updated. It gives them a modern and fresh feel. If you want to avoid remodeling, consider painting the cabinets in the kitchen. It can make a significant impact.

7.      Change the Layouts of the Rooms

Another important aspect of staging a house is to rework the layouts of the rooms. After all, realtors have revealed that buyers tend to offer more money to sellers who stage a home rather than those who don’t.

So, you need to start setting up your living room. For most homes, living rooms are open-plan and are also used for dinners. In such cases, you will need to develop new layout ideas for this room.

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Therefore, focus on enhancing the appeal of the room rather than functionality. Get rid of the dinner table or place it in a way that does not restrict movement from one end of the room to the other.

8.      Accessorize!

Accessorizing your home does not just mean adding items to complement the interior of your home. It also includes removing stained furniture and rugs because they can give a beat-up look to your home. We don’t want that, do we?

So, consider bringing in new and fresh-looking furniture to give the space an overall aesthetic look. You could also add a bunch of colorful throw pillows to make the house feel cozy and well-balanced.

Ready to Sell and Move on?

Staging a house for sale is all about rearranging and redecorating. The primary emphasis in such a case is on the visual appeal, allowing buyers to envision a happy and full life in your home.

But remember, staging is not just about decorating and remodeling. It involves cleaning and making smart changes to showcase its best features. Sell a home, not a house, and buyers will buy it immediately! After all, you want to wrap things up and move to where your new home will be, don’t you?