Grunge Interior Design Style – Quick Facts

grunge interior design

The grunge interior design style has become a modern day favorite for many home owners. It gravitates towards the modern values of simplicity, restraint, and respectability, and uses subdued, dirty, and dull colors. Its use of reclaimed furniture, and an emphasis on reclaimed items, make it a perfect fit for the modern home owner. Despite its edginess, grunge interior design style is both stylish and practical.

Modern home owners find solace in grunge interior design style

Embracing the grunge style of interior design is a unique style that can add a touch of cool to your space. The grunge style emphasizes the use of soft and warm pastel colors, as well as soft lines and materials. Incorporating wooden elements in your interior is another way to bring the look to life. These accessories can be used to create cozy atmosphere and accent your living space.

A contrasting feature wall with a grunge look is also a unique and trendy way to incorporate this decor style. If you’re not comfortable experimenting with concrete, you can simply paint the wall a contrasting color. Then, if you’re unsure of how to apply the texture, a storage space company can help you. Alternatively, if you’re not able to spend the time to make a feature wall out of concrete, you can always buy a precast concrete feature wall.

It gravitates toward simplicity, convenience, restraint and respectability

The most basic principles of grunge interior design are simplicity and restraint. This style does not like cluttered rooms or items, and it is often best suited for people who prefer comfort, coziness, and leisure. Antique art objects are also appropriate decor. Unlike fusion styles, however, grunge interior design is best suited for large spaces.

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The color palette in grunge style is fairly democratic. In order to achieve the desired mood, it is best to use soft colors on a white or gray background. Black and brown colors, however, can dilute the mood. Decorative trinkets and comfortable sofas can add a stable sense of coziness. However, don’t let your grunge home be overly kitschy – a grunge style interior design style gravitates toward simplicity, convenience, restraint, and respectability.

It uses subdued, dirty and dull colors

The colors used in grunge interior design are usually dull and subdued, with brown, black, grey, and beige as the main color palette. Vibrant colors are replaced by more natural hues, such as rust-toned reds. While the background is usually muted, the edges of the rooms are often blurred, adding an artistic touch.

The interior color palette of this design style is quite democratizing. A room that follows the grunge theme should use attractive soft colors, such as beige or gray. The use of black or brown shades may dilute the mood. But you can add soft, cute trinkets to your room to create an enduring coziness. Alternatively, a room in a grunge style can still be decorated with a traditional color scheme.

It uses reclaimed furniture

This interior design style harkens back to the ’80s when grunge music was popular and the ’90s were synonymous with a certain kind of art. It may sound dirty, but it does not mean that you need to have dingy walls and a distressed appearance. Instead, it simply means that you should use reclaimed or refinished furniture and look for unique finds.

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In a home decorated in the grunge interior design style, reclaimed furniture is a great choice. While it may seem out of place, you will be pleased with the results. These pieces are durable and comfortable. Wood is a great material choice for these pieces, which will last for many years. Wood and metal will make a room appear more spacious than it actually is. If you don’t have the time to refinish your furniture, reclaimed pieces might be just what you need.

It uses natural materials

The grunge interior design style incorporates natural materials in many areas of a home. Natural materials are derived from the environment and are biodegradable and renewable. Traditional materials such as wood are commonly treated with chemical dyes or sealants. Increasingly, people are learning about the environmental benefits of using natural materials in their homes. Furniture made from fibrous natural materials, such as bamboo and cork, lends an airy, light texture to a room.

The main colors in grunge designs are dirty and subdued. They include brown, beige, and black. Vibrant colors are replaced with natural colors. The use of hand-drawn elements is popular, as are textures that have been washed off. The style also uses regular everyday objects, like wood and stone. In addition to using natural materials, the grunge style also incorporates hand-drawn elements and the use of natural textures to add character.

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It uses artificial touch

The grunge interior design style emphasizes the use of natural materials and accentuates their ageing. Walls and ceilings are often plain, often painted, without any decoration. Wooden surfaces and decorative beam structures are a popular choice, as are boards with various lengths and widths. You can use any wall finish you wish to make your room look like a grunge haven, but keep in mind that your furniture should be comfortable and spacious.

The grunge interior design style can be a great way to incorporate distressed, aged, or otherwise worn home decor into your home. For a cheap yet stylish touch, consider a feature wall made from concrete. Real concrete can be expensive and messy, so opt for an alternative. For an even more grunge look, consider a faux concrete feature wall. You can also try painting your walls with real concrete, but it isn’t as practical or cost-effective.