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How To Use Milk Paint To Create Fashionable ‘Aged’ Wooden Furniture

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Using milk paint to create an “aged” effect on wooden furniture is not that difficult but it is also not very simple. Many problems appear with the most prevalent one being that people tend to think that chalk paint and milk paint are exactly the same things. That is not the case. Distress milk paint is capable of creating that chalky finish you are looking for but it is not the same thing. You can easily go for modern finishes when using milk paint, similar to restoration hardware looks.

Using paint milk on raw wood without primer creates an effect similar to getting more ink or having stained wood. Colors should end up being vibrant and intense for the best possible result. The big advantage associated with milk paint is that it has a really vibrant pigmentation so the result is unique and good-looking at the same time.

Painting with good quality milk paint is just like you would do job with paint that is thinned out so you do not need that much quantity. Brush strokes will not be visible and as the paint dries you would want to use wet cloths to rub in order to remove some of the paint and end up with a finish that is distressed.

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Using milk paint is not difficult. What you do with it is what influences the result. The control that you get is really large though as you lightly wipe the surface with water instead of having to use sand paper or steel wool to get the distress effect you want. With other paint types this is not possible. The result is really subtle distressing and a much higher control of the gained finish.

Although it is not difficult to use milk paint, there are different things you should be aware of. The finish you create has to be sealed and protected. You do that with the use of wax. Tinted waxes are great when you are looking for a darker or more antique look. In this case you basically distress with the use of wax.

When you buy paint you get it in a power foam and you will need to mix it by using water. Add only enough so the result is the midway between pure liquid and regular paint thickness. A common mistake is to add just a small quantity of water. Milk paint should be much thinner but not get too watery. Then, you also have to stir it for a minimum of three minutes.

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The technique that you utilize in order to get that unique patchy or cracked look is subjective. In most cases the easy approach is to use trickery or resistance. Choosing an appropriate color is also something that is subjective. Most people think that milk paint is just available in white but this is definitely not the case. Choose something that is appropriate based on the result you want and do not be afraid to experiment.

Remember that when you first use milk paint you may end up with a bad result since painting with this is different than what you are used to. You will most likely need to attempt it several times before you get the hang of it. With this in mind, try to use other items than the main furniture you would want to do the real work on.