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The Hottest New Home Design Trends to Look For in 2016

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In real estate, trends are the elements that influence current and new home styles. Unlike other trends though, home design trends actually last for several years and sometimes even decades. The home design trends of 2016 show new home owners are interested in open space, clean lines, luxury, home personalization, and natural elements. You can count on these trends lasting into the distant future.

The Open Concept

open concept

Walls are out. Open is in. Open living spaces that incorporate the living room, dining area, and kitchen into one big space have been showing up for years, and their popularity continues to grow. People like to flow from space to space without feeling boxed in. The open concept doesn’t mean it’s a wide open space with no definition, however. Areas of the room are clearly defined by furniture and architectural details.

Kitchen Is King

The kitchen is the “it” place in new homes. Bigger and more beautiful than ever before, kitchens are taking center stage. Elements of luxury are making their way into many kitchens as people become more and more interested in cooking at home – and in keeping family and friends close by.

Double Islands

double islands

Back-to-back or side-by-side kitchen islands are showing up in many new homes in 2016. These extra-large islands allow for flexibility and room during food prep and projects. Food prep can take place on one island, while serving can take place on another. Children can do homework on one island while parents prepare meals on the other, and everyone stays close together the entire time.

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Bring the Indoors Out

More and more, people are valuing a harmonious flow from outdoors in and back again. Outdoor fireplaces allow people to eat outside beyond the summer months, and indoor dining spaces that open immediately onto the outdoor patio allow for a dining space to increase in size by simply opening a door.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

New home buyers are much more interested in the story of things now days. Home buyers want personalization in their new homes, and using reclaimed wood for flooring allows for a home to have a unique touch with a background story. No two reclaimed wood floors look the same, which only adds to their appeal.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

spa like bathroom

Who wouldn’t want to escape to an oasis in their own home? New homes are being built with large master bathrooms equipped with spa-like features and design. Rain showers and shower seats are showing up in luxurious showers, while bathtubs are acting as artistic centerpieces to master bathrooms.

White on White

Both kitchens and bathrooms are getting whiter and whiter. White countertops with white cabinets and white backsplashes create a simple, yet beautiful look that feels clean, orderly,  and organized.

Smart Homes

Technology advances faster than most people can keep up, but that doesn’t keep us from wanting the latest and greatest in our homes. Home builders now prewire homes for the best Wi-Fi coverage. This way, homeowners can use their smartphones to program thermostats, TVs, alarm systems, and more. Many kitchen appliances can even be programmed from smartphones now.

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Flex Rooms and Get-Away Rooms

With the influx of open concept spaces, the need for flex rooms and get-away rooms has emerged. These rooms provide an escape from the large open space of the living area. Flex rooms can be used for anything, and are easily changed as time goes on. Get-away rooms are specifically set apart from the main area of the house to provide a space for more quiet activities with fewer people, like playing games and reading.

Customization and Advancing Trends

The customizing trend is liberating to new home owners and will likely continue to advance other trends in new homes as people, designers, and home builders come up with innovative spaces and solutions to fit the way we live.