How To Clean Your Ceiling

Adrian Cruce

How To Clean Your Ceiling

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It is a surprise to notice that most people have no idea how to properly clean a ceiling but that is normal since we normally do not get to see dirt in such areas. The big problem is that many simply start climbing a ladder and then use water on the ceiling. This is not something that you should do. In fact, in most situations it can ruin the ceiling. You need to always think about what type of ceiling you have since that will dictate what you have to do.

Let’s go through the really popular types of ceiling and tell you exactly what you have to do in order to clean them properly.

Vinyl Coated Ceiling

These are usually really easy to clean. All that you really need is a cleaner that has an all-purpose formulation. They are usually mixed with water and can be applied by using a simple, natural, soft sponge.

Non-Coated Ceiling

In this case, you have to be a little careful. Such areas are not actually washable. Spots can be cleaned when you are going to use products like Absorene, which is a substance that is really similar to modeling clay. When you will have to clean the ceiling tiles, special acoustical paint is usually recommended in order to cover up dirt and the unsightly marks.

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Acoustical Finish – Spray-On

This is a finish that is sound-absorbing and rough. You can actually clean it with the aid of your vacuum cleaner but you have to use a softer brush. Vacuuming should be followed by a finish respray.

Cleaning Painted Ceilings

There are basically 2 types of ceiling paint that are used. The really common one is water or latex based. This one is incredibly easy to wash after curing. The second type is the oil or alkyd base. It is really durable but quite difficult to properly clean. All-purpose cleaners usually work great but you have to be sure that the chosen product is appropriate for the type of paint that will be cleaned.

Cleaning Papered Ceilings

Some ceilings are covered with the use of wall coverings like vinyl cloths, vinyl coated paper or paper. They have to be cleaned carefully. In most cases you will not want to use liquid. It is only possible to remove pencil marks, finger marks and smudges by simply gently rubbing those marks with the use of art gum erasers. Alternatively, if there is grease present, you can use cornstarch.

Extra Tips To Clean Your Ceilings

Make sure that you protect floors, furniture and all other fixtures under the ceiling with the use of newspapers or drop cloths. Long handled devices will help you to not use ladders and if the ceiling is not too high, a stepping stool is suitable. If you also have to clean floors and walls, it is a really good idea to wash your ceiling first. Always remove the cobwebs first and do use rubber gloves in the event that you will utilize any liquid cleaning product. Just make sure that you do not rub them since they will actually leave extra smares on your ceilings and/or walls.

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We recommend that you always wear glasses or another form of eye protection. Drips should never run on your walls. At the same time, no cleaning agents or water should drip on your floors, fixtures or furniture.