How To Use White In Interior Design

Adrian Cruce

How To Use White In Interior Design

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White is normally accepted in interior design but so many are afraid to use it. That is normal since a room that is all white can feel welcoming but this does not always happen. You need to consider the following tips in the event that you want to use white. It is a great choice and a completely white room can easily make you feel comfortable from the moment you step in.

Use White Rooms As Blank Slates

White should be seen as a brand new start. It allows you to basically do all that you want and let creativity run wild. As an example, is there a great view that you have of mountains, the ocean or even the city? If so, white can be used as a great canvas in a backdrop of the vistas.

Using White In Traditional Or Modern Kitchens

White is highly versatile. It can be used in practically any interior design setting that you have. This includes the kitchen. It does not matter if you use Carrera marble counters or classical wooden cabinets. You can even put this color in the modern designs that are so popular at the moment. The main reason why white needs to be considered is that it offers a feeling of classic and clean. That is why some kitchen appliances are now offered in white.

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Combining White With Metals

One of the latest design trends is to use neutral colors in combinations with classic metal. This includes stainless steel, gold, copper and brass. Absolutely all these metals work great in a combination with white. The combination is really easy to add a huge effect on absolutely every single interior design job that is done. Reflectance of metals works very well with how crisp white is.

Using White Upholstery

Most homeowners think that white is not a great idea because it easily shows dirt and is very difficult to maintain clean. This is definitely something that is true but you can avoid this by using white upholstery in the rooms that do not have a lot of traffic. Alternatively, you can easily go for alternatives in white denim slipcovers or faux suedes.

Using Artwork As A Centerpiece Surrounded By White

A huge advantage of working with white is the fact that it can be used to showcase style and personality in practically all interiors. You do not have to compete with furniture, décor and walls. Those that love sculptural pieces or artwork will want to consider the all white wall in order to display those centerpieces. The attention of the individual automatically goes towards what you want to showcase.

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Using Tone On Tone Whites

If the room lacks warmth or personality, it is possible that you use layering similar white shades, gray, warm whites and so on. Textures and patterns with varying materials can create a lot of interest and depth. Such a technique is particularly useful when referring to bedrooms. White works well with upholstered headboards, bedding and windows.