Interior Design in Portugal


Portugal boasts several interior design schools offering courses and degrees in this discipline. Through these programs, students can learn how to create visually stimulating spaces that conform with industry regulations.

Catarina Batista, a training architect who founded her studio in 2011, specializes in private projects tailored to meet the needs of single-family Portuguese homes, including interior design, rehabilitation and decoration services.

Artur Miranda & Jacques Bec

Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, Portuguese design duos known for their luxurious yet contemporary interior designs, will ensure an exceptional outcome to any interior project they take on. Their deep understanding of luxury enables them to translate it seamlessly into the environment they create – their projects often featuring an amalgam of classic and contemporary styles for an unparalleled design aesthetic.

Starting their partnership in 1993, this couple completed their inaugural project – an extravagant apartment in Lisbon – before going on to complete various private and commercial spaces.

In their work, this duo blends classic and contemporary elements with Hollywood glamour for an overall effect that gives each project a sense of history.

British furniture makers are famed for their meticulous use of materials and attention to detail. Each piece is often handcrafted by skilled artisans using woods such as rosewood and iroko for handiwork. Their cosmopolitan style features vintage pieces combined with bold colors.

Although based in Porto, this pair have clients from all around the world. Their impressive portfolio features three Berluti boutiques in New York, Paris and London; Quinta do Pessegueiro winery located in Portugal’s Douro region as well as sumptuous villas on Portugal’s Algarve coast.

In 2002, they opened a 300m2 showroom which serves both as their workspace and showcase of their numerous creations. Filled with carefully chosen objects from their travels such as Herve Van Der Straeten bronzes and vintage furniture pieces from around the world; as well as many of their creations including furniture and lighting.

Success for this partnership hinged upon their ability to find common ground despite having such different personalities; Artur being more risk taking while Jacques being more structured in his approach to life.

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In their most recent project, the duo was given a commission to renovate the suites and guest rooms at Lisbon’s Hotel Ritz Four Seasons – creating a timeless yet sophisticated design while upholding its character.

Pilar Paiva de Sousa

Pilar Paiva de Sousa (PPS) is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in hotel and cruise industry projects. Backed by years of proven experience, they provide differentiated turnkey services such as architectural programming/concept planning/FF&E specifications/technical coordination/procurement contracting/production assembly assembly services to these industries.

Ernesto de Sousa amassed an extensive art poster collection that publicised exhibitions and artists with whom Ernesto de Sousa had an affinity. This can be seen most clearly in posters featuring Juliao Sarmento’s simple designs or Galeria de Alvarez shows like Nao Tenha Fredo! from 1974, where an avant-garde could challenge the market through using its body metaphorically.

Joana Vasconcelos was another artist for whom I designed posters. Her artistic process revolves around appropriating and decontextualizing everyday objects and realities to critique modern society; an example being her sculpture A Noiva that was presented at the 51st Venice Biennale.

Melo e Castro performed in 1965 at a concert whose poster from 1965 is entirely covered with lettering. Next comes an exhibition of visual poetry at SNI featuring shapes and colours combined together into a striking composition that creates an eye-catching yet contemporary effect.

The same style can be seen in the poster for the rally of Maoist-influenced party MLSTP, active from 1975-1977 and characterised by diagonal bands and multi-sided zones with complementary colours.

PPS’s team of architects and designers works closely with each client to understand their vision while meeting project deadlines and budget constraints. As a result, projects designed by PPS are both innovative and sensitive to local culture; providing fresh perspectives that take into account lifestyle considerations when designing spaces that are both luxurious and functional.

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Francisco Neves

Francisco Neves is the driving force behind one of Portugal’s premier interior design studios, 5 Janelas. He’s known for his precise look and commitment to his clients reflected both in his work and studio. His projects often draw on Portugal’s rich cultural history while remaining contemporary; these projects reflect that. Francisco does not limit himself to traditional styles only but incorporates many modern elements.

Francisco Neves has become known worldwide for his interior design projects as well as furniture designs and artistic projects he creates with a cosmopolitan style, receiving accolades in publications like Andrew Martin Interior Design Review.

Since 1992, he has used his 20+ years of experience to design spaces that combine modernity and timelessness. His designs feature light and elegance while using exclusive materials that give each space its own distinct character. His impeccable attention to detail can be seen in each project completed by him.

Nini Andrade Silva is a well-recognized Portuguese interior designer renowned for her intricate work that has earned international acclaim and been published by various reputable publications, such as The New York Times, Financial Times and El Pais. Additionally, she has designed hotels and other commercial spaces, while she also boasts her own line of furniture design work.

Atelier Cristina Jorge de Carvalho is an esteemed Portuguese design firm. Their projects have been featured in magazines like Elle Decor and Marie Claire Maison; additionally their work has been showcased at museums and galleries across Portugal. Their aim is to create functional yet beautiful environments that reflect client personalities.

If you’re interested in interior design, there are various schools and colleges that offer courses and degrees on the topic. Many offer workshops or field trips as part of their curriculum; additionally there may be private tutors and instructors offering one-on-one guidance; these lessons may prove particularly helpful as you navigate this competitive industry.

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Martinho Pita

Hire an interior designer in Portugal who understands your personal style and can assist in selecting decor that feels natural to your space, such as picking furniture that fits in perfectly. They can do as little or as much for you, from organizing rooms to selecting flooring and wall colors; many top Portuguese designers have earned international renown by creating one-of-a-kind pieces often featured at luxury events.

Martinho Pita is one of the world’s foremost designers. His work embodies simplicity and elegance while employing an array of materials in his designs for high-end hotels and residential spaces. Additionally, he is widely recognized as a furniture artist who creates pieces which combine form with function – he even won multiple design awards!

Toni Grilo, another highly esteemed Portuguese designer, is well known for his elegant creations that have won him international acclaim. He has designed furniture for various international brands and received multiple awards for his designs; with particular expertise in industrial design and the incorporation of geometric forms and materials into his works.

Catarina Batista and BL Design e Arquitetura, founded in 2007, are two more Portuguese designers who specialize in interior and architectural remodeling and rehabilitation. With projects that blend modern technology with traditional Portuguese elements – and boast some of the highest profile clients such as luxury stores and hotels across Europe.

Nini Andrade Silva is our last Portuguese interior designer on our list. Her designs have been featured in international publications like Vogue and Elle Decor, while she frequently speaks at design and lifestyle conferences.

If you’re interested in becoming an interior designer, Portugal offers several schools that can teach you how. One such institution is IADE Creative University in Lisbon which provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Furthermore, their exchange program with universities around the world gives students access to current trends in interior design.