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Hotel Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2014

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As always in the world of interior design, there are trends that come and go. Predicting trends is never an easy task but based on the modifications that we already see done in hotel interior design, we can imagine what the future holds for us.

In the following paragraphs we will take a look at hotel interior design trends that are quickly gaining popularity and that are expected to continue in the future due to the popularity that is connected with them.

The design of any hotel needs to be perfect, both on the outside and on the inside. That is what draws in customers and what you need to think about at all times. You have to always consider various modifications that are possible and we all know that it is easier when we have a wide horizon of choices in front of us. That is why we believe that we should analyze all the trends that we can find. This will be useful for both interior designers and hotel manager that are looking to make a change.

Transforming the Lobby Into a Multi-Use Space

Nowadays we see various hotel projects that have a clear focus put on giving a very strong first impression for every person walking in. The lobby is the first direct contact that you have with a hotel and there are many different social encounters that can take place in such an area. As an obvious business travel trend emerges, the lobby needs to adapt in order to offer a suitable multi-use space that is perfect for formal talks, plugging in your tech devices, laptop work and casual meetings.

What that means is you will not gain the maximum exposure when you have a sofa and a coffee table arranged in your lobby. You need to think about creative space segmentation so that you deliver social zones and intimate zones. At the same time, your furniture needs to offer functionality and comfort. Some of the extravagant features that we see in hotel lobbies include indoor waterfalls, multimedia equipment, larger chandeliers and even large green walls.

bathroom with spa features

Bathrooms with Spa Features

In the past, hotel interior designers saw bathrooms as a secondary space. There were many modifications done so that the bathrooms would be really small while living areas received most of the focus. The tourist now expects a lot more when he travels. The resort bathroom that includes spa features stands out as an invitation to relax. It is a perfect way to draw in potential guests. You can always incorporate waterfall showers, giant towels, several beauty items, en-suite bedrooms and never forget about the oversized bathtub since this one is really popular.

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Guestroom Configurations Are Changing

Most of the professional hotel refurbishment contractors do not use the regular bed-locker-table combination anymore. As the number of hotels grew, so did what people expect to find in a guest room. It is quite rare that we see modern hotel rooms looking exactly the same. Some rooms might have a TV panel; others might be designed as offices for the business traveller. Diversity stands out as something that is vital for a modern hotel. The establishment needs to offer what different people need and you cannot do that with hundreds of rooms that are exactly the same. In addition, the guestrooms now include eclectic décor mixes and a lot of color while never diminishing the space that is offered.

hotel restaurants

Hotel Restaurants Become Travel Destinations

In the past, a hotel restaurant was built while thinking about practicability. Nowadays this is no longer the case since cooking is seen as an art while the restaurant ends up being similar to exhibition space. There is an increase in the number of hotel restaurants that ended up transforming into spaces that are memorable due to the interior design that was employed. In a restaurant you can truly push your creativity and your goal should be to draw in guests that simply want to see something stunning, not just those that want to eat.

An Increase in Green Features

All hotel owners need to think about sustainability. That is obvious. However, at the same time, it is important to bring to the table something that the competition does not have. Innovative ideas bring in more guests. We constantly see different green features like electronic water faucets, green roofs, green walls, natural building materials, natural lighting through huge windows, recycling bins and a lot more. That is necessary as the population of the planet becomes more conscious about the importance of green living.

Destroying the Barrier Between Outdoors and Indoors

You surely already noticed this since it does not only happen with hotel interior design. It is a trend that is going on in all types of interior designs that you may need to do. Everything is based on the importance of offering sensory experiences. Modern hotels are now expanding and include large terraces and decks. At the same time, nature is basically brought indoors through stone decorations, indoor waterfalls, wood panelling and any element that can reduce hotel guest tension.

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local art

Incorporating Local Art into Interior Design

It is a clear shame to take a look at a hotel that you simply cannot connect to where it is located due to the use of absolutely zero local art elements. As a hotel owner in a specific location, you need to understand that local art can improve the perception that a guest has while offering an experience that is unique, genuine.

It is not at all difficult to do this. If the budget is small, you can incorporate photography or small sculptures. If the budget is higher, you can go for huge installations or the integration of an art project directly in the design of the hotel room. Modern art is very easy to connect to modern design.

Using More Technology

This one might be a little tricky to understand. In most cases a tourist will want to get away from home and relax. However, the influence that technology has on our lives is huge. Just think about Facebook. Hundreds of millions of people check their profiles every day and the smartphone is quickly becoming a common device.

Newer hotels now offer various tech upgrades that are highly appreciated. This includes adjusting lighting, controlling window blinds with your smartphone and adjustable air conditioning. It is also common to notice PC tablets being placed at the check-in counter in order to print a boarding pass or to just offer internet connectivity. Wi-Fi is also something that starts to be highly popular everywhere.

A Focus on Texture and Colour

Being away from home offers you the possibility of exploring senses. This changed hotel rooms in the sense that the use of patterns is clearly diminished while texture is highly popular. The guests end up being given something that can be felt and studies highlighted that this change actually increases repeat customers. Bright colours are recommended in order to offer a joyful and yet soothing experience while animating an area that would be really dully without that splash of colour.

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Making the Room Feel Like Home

Most of the hotels these days just give you a room that you sleep in. The modern hotels understand that this is not a good idea as repeat customers are quite rare. People would just go for the lowest price every single time. A modern hotel room design needs to be created while thinking about the comfort that the guest feels.

It does not matter how much technology you incorporate or how much luxury is present when you do not offer a cosy environment. Think about incorporating curtains, fireplaces, decorative items, and wood additions, always include a TV set, try to allow the guest to play the music that he likes and do all that you can in order to make the stay one that is completely memorable.

Offering Personalized Spaces

The hotel guest will remember the hotel that he stays at for a long time but that is only possible if the interior design is also memorable. There are far too many hotels that all look the same. The modern hotel needs to personalize as many spaces as possible so that the guest can have a memorable experience. The industry is nowadays hit by 2 popular trends: modular hotels and pop-up hotels. In addition, we see an increase in the number of themed guestrooms, which are proven to have a really strong impact in the event that a guest can only experience one theme at a time.


The greatest thing about hotel interior design is that hotel owners are nowadays a lot more susceptible and open towards making modifications that would make the stay of the guest memorable. We thus can incorporate so many things and imagination is basically the only limit that we are faced with. New breakthroughs seem to be the case with every single new hotel that is open and even really old hotels are jumping the wagon, trying to incorporate new elements of interior design.

By Petar Dzhingarov who is Co-Founder of Home Tipsor.