What Kind of AC System Do You Need To Cool Your Whole Home

Adrian Cruce

What Kind of AC System Do You Need To Cool Your Whole Home

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If you are looking to buy an AC for your home or to replace the old one you have but you don’t know what kind of AC system you need to cool your whole home, here are three types you can look into before making a decision:

Window Units

Most people tend to rule our window units because they are too large but today you can find numerous mini air conditioners that will fit your windows. It’s not necessarily easy to find an AC unit to fit windows that are not standard in size but before looking into complex options for air conditioner, you should give the window units a try since they are very easy to install – all the important parts are in one box, they are also the most cost-effective ones and you need a small initial investment compared to the money you’ll pay for other AC systems. Window units are also great for people who do not want to make too many wall modifications.

Portable Units

Another simple air conditioner option is the portable AC unit. These non-window based units have all the parts in one box but you need a connection to the outside to make them function. Portable AC units usually come with adjustable frames to keep them in place on the floor. If you plan to buy a portable unit, you have two options: single hose system or dual hose systems.

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The single hose system uses just one hose to pump air outside. This type of portable units are good for those who want to cool a small space but they are not a good solution for those who want to cool a big room or the entire house because the single hose system reduces the air pressure inside the room and that causes the hot air from the outside to come inside through window cracks or door cracks. If you plan to cool a small room, you should be fine but these type of portable units are terribly inefficient for larger homes because they increase the energy costs.

The dual hose portable units work a different than the single hose ones – they cool the hot air that is inside, returning it to the room. The unit is protected against overheating by the second hose pump that takes air from the outside to cool the device and then pushes the air back out. These portable units are definitely pricier than the single hose portable units but also more efficient and better for an entire house or a large space in general.

These type of AC system are good for those who cannot make any wall modifications.

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Split Units

Split units have two parts – the indoor part that can be installed on a wall and the outdoor part that stays on the exterior wall. The main advantage of the split units is that you can incorporate them into the décor and install them where you see fit not place them near the window but if you are not the homeowner, make sure you are allowed to drill holes into the walls.

The split AC systems are great for people who live in very hot regions and people who want to cool a large area of the house. The cooling power of these systems is as close as you’ll get to the real central air without doing tearing your ceiling and walls apart to install them. However, these type of AC units are quite expensive and you cannot move them from a room to another like you can do with the window units or the portable units. If you have a really big house and you opt for split units, you will have to install one in every room where you want AC.