Bedroom Interior Design Tips For 2013


In the 80’s and 90’s the fashion in interior design for houses was all about wallpaper, flowery patterns, dado rails, coving on the ceiling etc…As we moved in to the 2000’s things changed and everything went very clean and minimalistic. People were stripping wallpaper and painting the walls plain, neutral colours, they were getting rid of clutter and having nice open spaces with clean, sharp edges and chrome to finish the room off. As we have moved in to the 2010’s we have almost found that the next step is to combine those two together, within this article I will outline some of the key features of modern interior design to make your room look like it belongs in a magazine.

Stay Minimalistic

Minimalism is still not only in fashion but also practical, I don’t think anybody really likes walking in to a room that is full of clutter, it looks messy and isn’t nice to live in. Try and keep the floor space clear and your furniture down to a minimum. For your minimalistic bedroom design is recommended that you have a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, TV and perhaps a feature piece in there which will be discussed later. By doing this you are ensuring your room looks as big as possible and keeps the clean lines that will make it stand out to either yourself or potential buyers.

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minimalist bedroom
By Mazzali under CC BY-SA 2.0


Feature Items

Plain painted walls are still the best option, not only is it easier to re-decorate should you wish to change the colour on them (instead of having to strip wallpaper off) but it makes the room look smarter and bigger. One thing that has changed in recent years however is to have a ‘feature wall’, instead of just having four painted walls try getting some wallpaper with a contemporary design on, this can be bold, full of colour or have a pattern on it, it is completely up to you. Decorate one of the walls in it, generally this tends to be the wall with the headboard of the bed on as good quality bespoke headboards also provide a nice feature in combination with the wallpaper.

Lighting & Finishing Touches

The lighting in a room is key; it is what will make your room stand out from the rest so if you really want to make it look like a high quality bedroom then spend as much on the lighting as you would on the headboard and feature wall. Soft up lighting and subtle LED glows from behind TV’s or wardrobes and under beds really gives the room some chic.  Take the colours from your feature wall and dot them about the room in some of your finishing touches whether that is a rug, lamp shades, curtains or your duvet cover. It is essential to have a theme running through the room and the finishing touches really create that theme for you.