How To Get A Luxurious Appearance By Mixing Metals

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Using metals in interior design is a little tricky. It is really important that you think about various elements and we noticed that so many simply do not use metals as they fear they are going to overdo it. This is especially the case when mixing metals.

The truth is that metals like steel and copper have been around as a huge trend for quite some time now. They are seen as being classics. However, the addition of gold and similar made everything a little more complicated. Obviously, when we first started seeing gold and brass used in design, we had a really retro vibe to what was created. Nowadays, everything is brought to a whole new level, mixing metals in smaller doses for quite an appealing result.

Whenever mixing metals in your home, you have to think about the following important aspects.

Restraint Is Needed

restraint is needed

The best thing possible is to make sure that finishes are subtle when using metals in interior design. A high gloss surface can be combined with other elements as long as you do not overdo it on the finish.

The thing with using a mix of metals in interior design is that you have to maintain a good balance. Consider the metals in the same way you consider various designs in a yin and yang approach. Combine light with dark and aim for that balance harmony that makes everything stunning.

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The First Step Should be Small

first step should be small

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars when adding metals to the home, especially when you first start out. As you first add one element and you then move towards adding more, you will eventually come to that balance that you are surely looking for.

Do not try to match the metals. This is a big mistake. The secret to mixing metals is to basically mix them, not match everything in order to continue the design. Living rooms with different metal elements always look a lot better than when we have a match.

Focus On Other Simple Features

simple metal features

As an example, when you have a white backdrop in an open dining space or kitchen, you can easily add rose gold pendants or similar large elements in order to make everything shine. Adding some extra chrome touches on a bar stool and in the dining chairs will make all better. Simple metal features will allow you to so easily mix metals in interior design, getting a really great result.

Unexpected Combos Are Stunning

unexpected metal combo

Using metal elements is the easiest way to add a metal mix to a room but you have to think about every part of the design in order to find some truly unexpected combos. This includes design elements that we normally do not consider like metallic paint, wallpapers, curtains or glass accessories.

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There are many different metal elements that are possible at the moment and you have to always experiment. Some of the best designs in the world were created because of experimentation. This is exactly what you want to do when mixing metals in interior design.