Reasons Why Shutters Are Better Than Curtains In Some Home Improvement Projects


Reasons Why Shutters Are Better Than Curtains In Some Home Improvement Projects

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Upgrading the home with brand new window coverings is not as easy as it may seem. You basically end up choosing between products, which can be a daunting task. Both options mentioned, curtains and shutters, have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the following lines we will talk about the advantages that shutters may have over curtains in some of the home improvement projects you might consider.

Low Upkeep

Curtains are made out of delicate and elegant materials. They offer stylish appeal but they do attract dirt and dust. Curtains normally fade because of the sun heat and will in some cases develop mildew and mold. That is hard to remove, especially when you do not notice it.

The shutters are very easy to maintain. In most cases you just need dusters and the classic charm of the curtain is maintained. It is not at all difficult to make the shutters look new. You can save a lot of energy and time because of the low upkeep.

Increased Home Security

In this case we are not talking about keeping potential burglars away. We are talking about areas where the weather is really severe. Curtains are normally made out of materials based on linen. This lowers the outdoors protection that is available.

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Shutters made out of synthetic materials are resilient and have high tenacity when faced with hazardous weather conditions. They do protect the furniture and the carpets from the damaging effect of sunlight. At the same time, they can shield against debris, heavy rain and much more.

Improved Light Control

This is an advantage that many do not actually consider or know about. Thick curtains will prevent the entrance of summer heat but they also block fresh air and sunlight. You can use plantation shutters and can easily remove the worry about light entrance. The double hung shutters are more than capable of removing the sunlight at different degrees, all while you control how much air comes inside. You basically have a better control of how much air and light enters the home.

Cost Efficiency

Curtains offer a lot of style but fabrics do cost a lot of money. You can use inexpensive materials but that reduces style. Homeowners from all around the world need to deal with costs associated with home renovations. An alternative is to use shutters. They tend to be much more cost efficient for the long run.


Obviously, there are many cases in which you will want to use curtains. However, as you can see from above, there are different circumstances that perfectly warrant the use of shutters. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of all the opportunities you have and about the budget that is available. This is what will dictate the best choice for you.