Rookie Interior Design Mistakes You Made And Should Not Make Again

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Because of the vast information that is available online, most people believe that it is easy to create a perfect interior design. This is not actually the case. In reality, you want to be sure that you always make really good choices. Everything does start with figuring out the mistakes that you make. Out of all those that are made by rookie designers, the following ones are definitely common.

The Catalogue Crush

It is so easy to end up walking into someone’s home and having the feeling that you saw everything before. This is normally because of the fact that the person that designed everything simply fell in love with what was noticed in a catalogue.

It does not matter if you love some retailers. This is quite ok. However, you should focus on variety. As a simple idea to avoid the catalogue crush problem, you could buy the large element in the design of a room from that favorite retailer and work around that. Vintage interests can also help sway away from the design mistake.

Choosing Bad Furniture

By bad we do not necessarily think about quality since this is rarely a mistake that is done with interior design. The problem here is choosing furniture that is unfriendly, uncomfortable and that will simply not actually be used on the long run. We also have positioning problems that tend to appear, like adding a chair right in the corner of the room. Clustering furniture is normally preferred. You just have to maintain flow so do not focus on out-of-the setting positioning.

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Choosing Improper Lighting

Good lighting can easily make or break any design for any room of any home. The most common mistake we see is adding overhead fixtures everywhere. A really good idea in most situations is to use 3 separate light sources for the room. You can vary strength and height with chosen lighting so that you can gain a lighting coverage that is suitable, without overdoing it.

Adding Improper Artwork

Taste in art does vary from one person to the next. However, this does not mean that you can hang that artwork in any way possible simply because you like it. Art that is located way too low or too high is often noticed when looking at the work of rookie interior designers. In most situations you will want to place artwork at eye-level. Guides for how to hang art are available online.

Forgetting About Instincts

It might seem weird but what makes you unique as an interior designer is your GUT. Unfortunately, rookie interior designers simply end up using something that they basically hate because of the fact that someone else does it or because this is the current trend.

Let’s say that you picked a color as it was inspirational but after you do the work, something is simply wrong. In this case, you do want to make changes. Setting for something simply because you did it is one of the worst things that you could do as an interior designer.

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Do you think that you make these mistakes? Then change them. Also, we would love to hear about the interior design mistakes that you made or that you saw someone making in the past. Let us know about it with a comment below.