Safe Havens: A Childproofing Guide for New Parents

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The number of children and toddlers who are injured or die in common household accidents would scare every parent if they took the time to think about it.

From falling down the stairs to being poisoned with household chemicals and getting burned in the kitchen, there’s quite a bit you can do to protect your children, safeguard your home, and create the safe, warm environment that every parent dreams of.

In this blog, you’ll find a few tips to help you create a childproof home with a little childproofing.

Put Locks on All Doors

You already know to put locks on all the doors going inside and outside of your home, but make sure to add chain locks to those doors as well so that little hands can’t reach them.

Speaking of little hands, adults get their hands and fingers closed in doors every day, so it’s even easier for a toddler to do so. This blog post will tell you all about it and give you a way to make even the doors safe for you and your children with some simple babyproofing tips.

Invest in Corner and Edge Bumpers

When they first start walking, babies spend more time on their bottoms than on their feet. A toddler’s unsteadiness makes it possible for them to fall into tables with sharp corners and edges, hitting their head and being seriously injured.

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Invest in corner and edge bumpers, then place them on every object in your home that could be a hazard should your little one fall against it.

Store All Household Chemicals Out of Reach

Household chemicals are leading causes of injury in a home where toddlers are present. That’s why it’s important to store all of your household cleaners and chemicals out of the reach of your toddler’s hands. However, putting them up out of reach isn’t enough as children can amaze you with their climbing abilities when they are exploring.

Instead of just putting the chemicals out of reach, put them out of reach, then lock the cabinet so there’s no possible way your toddler can get to them.

Secure Heavy Objects Around the Home

Whether it’s a TV or a heavy dresser, if a curious toddler could pull it over, it needs to be secured to the wall. Even your stove could crush your toddler if they happened to try to climb it and pulled it over on them. Make sure to anchor heavy appliances, TVs, and even dressers to the wall before your baby turns into a curious toddler to be on the safe side.

Invest in Cordless Window Coverings

A toddler standing in her crib doesn’t realize that the blinds on the windows can hurt her, but they can. Invest in cordless window coverings throughout your entire house to prevent your toddler from getting them wrapped around her neck and being strangled by them. These are some of the best safety devices you can get to protect your children.

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Childproofing Saves Lives

These are just a few tips to help you with the childproofing of your home so that your baby, toddler, or young child will be able to live in a safe, warm environment. For more information on childproofing and family life, visit our blog today.