Stubborn Mold Growth in the Home Demands Attention

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Have you ever been cleaning your home, and come across a blackish spot on the wall?  You may scrub it off fairly easily.  Then three days later, you notice the black coming back?  Well, this likely isn’t your kid trying to play tricks on you…  It is most likely mold.

You may have tried this process over and over again… washing, and re-washing, and washing again, and each time the result was the same… the mold grew back again.  Or maybe you tried painting over it, only to have the mold grow through once more.  So how do you get rid of the mold for good?


Measures you may have tried and failed in mold removal

  • Washing the area with every type of cleaner you can think of… and rewashing… and rewashing
  • Painting over the moldy area
  • Pinning your pre-school child’s paintings over the moldy spot and hoping that they would disappear if given a little time
  • Pleading with the mold to just go away, life was better before mold came along
  • Dreaming that the mold had disappeared, only to wake up and realize that is was just as moldy as ever


Unfortunately for all of us, mold is not an easy thing to get rid of.  Once it shows its face, it is likely to keep coming back until it is cared for properly.  It’s too bad money isn’t like mold…

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What to do against mold growth

So what should you do if you have mold growth in your home?  If you have tried the above steps, and more, and still have mold growing, it may be time to try a different approach.  First, an understanding of the conditions for mold growth is beneficial.  Mold grows when there is excess moisture in the home.  So if you live in a humid place like Florida, you may have mold issues solely from that extra moisture in the air.

Then if you have had any water damage to your home, possibly from a broken pipe, leaky roof, or faulty air conditioning, this may be leading to a mold problem.  You will need to find a way to get rid of this extra moisture problem if you expect the mold to stay away.  Often, it is best to call a company who has experience in dealing with mold remediation.  This may prove to be the most efficient way to get rid of the mold and keep it away for good.

You may be thinking “What is the big deal if I have a little mold growing in my home?”  It can be a big deal, because it can cause health issues.  This becomes especially important to get rid of mold when young children, the elderly, or any with weakened immune systems may be living in or visit the home often.  Mold can increase both allergy and asthma symptoms.

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If you feel like you have had cold symptoms like a stuffy nose, difficulty catching your breath, or itchy eyes that you just can’t seem to beat, then maybe you have a mold problem in your home.  The problem will just continue to worsen if it isn’t properly cared for.  So don’t delay in seeking help to alleviate this problem.  It will prove to be more cost effective to remediate the mold in the early stages instead of waiting for it to spread into other areas of the home.