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The Best Interior Design Trends That You Need in 2021

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Interior design trends change as frequently as fashion trends do. Often, homeowners completely re-do their house to stick with the times, spending a ton of money and regretting it a few years later.

Are you regretting some past design choices? Do you know how to update your existing space to keep up with the latest trends?

Read on to learn all about 2021 interior design trends and how you can use them to update and elevate your space.

Embracing the Maximalist Approach

Gone are the days where an all-white decor is the norm. 2021 interior design is all about embracing exuberant patterns and colors to create multiple focal points throughout the room.

This trend is about making sure your family’s personality is visible to your guests. Add personal touches to every corner of your home with DIY art, travel souvenirs, and precious curiosities.

The key to maximalist styling is to have something that pulls the rest of the room together. This could be a common neutral tone or an overall aesthetic vibe. To keep things from feeling too busy or cluttered, play around with the scale of your decor. Large wall art is balanced with small decorative details.

Sculptural Furniture

While we may have grown up with furniture being purely functional, today’s design trends are all about putting the ‘fun’ in functionality.

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Play around with organic shapes in your furniture – curved couches, raw edge shelves, and sculptural coffee tables all work together to bring something fresh into an otherwise simple space.

Bold Pops of Color

Interior designers are moving away from black, white, and gray interiors. An easy way to transform a previously boring room is to add bright pops of color throughout the decor.

Use table lamps, art, cushions, curtains, or even crockery to liven up a space with your chosen color palette. Warm colors in particular are increasingly popular, with burnt oranges, peacock blues, and yellows adding a playful element to the decoration in your home.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

Bringing nature indoors is one of the easiest (and prettiest) ways to elevate your home’s style.

Not only are they freshening your air, but they’re also transforming your aesthetic! Bring plants into your decor with hanging plants, plant room-dividers, or some classic pot plants.

If you don’t have a green thumb, there are thousands of realistic fake plants that promise to give you the low-maintenance jungle you’re dreaming of!

Liveable Luxury

Nowadays, home interior design is about more than making things look nice. You want your home to feel luxurious to live in while remaining functional and useful.

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Introduce glamour and luxury into your home by investing in comfort. Beds, couches, dining chairs, and other seating options need to be comfortable!

Why not use luxurious velvet cushions to quickly transform your living room into something fit for royalty?

Statement Light Fixtures

In 2021, your home’s lighting needs to do more than brighten the room! Statement light fixtures are an essential part of a well-designed interior.

Introduce glamour and intrigue into your style by using large lights with interesting shapes, or by using lamps with intricate details on their bases. These oriental lamps make a gorgeous addition to any room with a traveled, worldly aesthetic.

Earthy Tones and Textures

Go back to your roots by incorporating earthy tones and natural textures throughout your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration when trying out this balanced and stylish trend, use pieces that fit into Japanese interior design. Their uncluttered and ordered style blends seamlessly with the warm neutral tones of earthy decor.

Incorporating 2021 Interior Design Trends in Your Home

When decorating your home, pick out your favorite aspects of several trends and work them into your existing decor. This way, your interior will be timeless and stylish without needing to re-do the entire design in a few years when the trends change!

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How do you plan to update your home with 2021 interior design trends?

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