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Keeping your home safe and secure should be on top of every modern man’s to-do-list. Not only will it stave off potential threats from entering your abode, more importantly it gives you what every busy person does not have the luxury of in this hectic times; peace of mind. That is why selecting and procuring the best type of lock for your home is imperative.

There are numerous types of locks that you can use; all with their own sets of pros and cons. Here are the most commonly used types of locks in residential situations.


Most people choose these as their primary security solution for their homes. However, this should not be the case. If you ask any locksmith expert among the locks available in the market today, Knob Locks are the easiest to bypass since they are first and foremost, extremely fragile. All a potential intruder needs is a hammer to break it off the door and voilà! Although using it in conjunction with our second type of lock could alleviate that situation.

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As I have stated above, you don’t necessarily have to replace your existing knob locks to improve your home’s security. Instead you can just additionally install deadbolts. There are three types of deadbolts in use today: single, double and lockable thumb turns. I personally have a single deadbolt installed on my front door and all I can say is it does live up to its hype of providing the best security that money can buy. Of course it does come with it a few setbacks. Most if not all deadbolts require a key from the inside if it is locked. This can prove to be quite a drag in emergency situations such as fires and earthquakes or if you just need to make a fast and not so graceful exit. But in this case, the pros outweigh the cons drastically. I highly recommend deadbolts as the primary security solution in homes everywhere.

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According to specialists, lever handle locks are widely used commercially and not residentially and with just cause. They are generally for those types of people who prefer accessibility over security. These locks are quite easier and require less force to open than the rather flimsy knob locks. In terms of accessibility though, nothing beats lever handle locks. Heck, they are even dexterity (right-handedness or left-handedness) adjustable. Now isn’t that handy?

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Padlocks have been around since forever and have become a staple security device in all homes. Just like their knob lock counterparts, these should never be used as a primary (or even secondary at times) security solution. Even the most durable padlocks can easily be mangled by bolt cutters and other robbery tools. There are two commonly used types of padlocks; keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks furthermore have two varieties; re-keyable and non-rekeyable. Non-rekeyable padlocks are unchangeable, meaning you cannot change the set of key/s that opens the lock. Overall, just avoid these medieval things and only consider them if you are under a tight budget.

Choose the right lock based on your lifestyle and need so you will be able to provide utmost safety for you and your family members.