How To Unclog A Clogged Toilet – Different Methods To Choose

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It is quite difficult to unclog your clogged toilet if you do not know what to do. Most people out there do not actually know what has to be done and will call a plumber. What you may not know is that it is not at all difficult to do the work yourself and save some money in the process. All that you have to understand is that the process is sometimes dirty so you have to prepare for that.

Before You Unclog Your Toilet

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Make sure that you flush your toilet 1 time before you start and that you stop the water after so that you do not overflow your toilet bowl.

Take a pair of rubber gloves and use them. The toilets are not sanitary so rubber cleaning gloves are going to protect you from various germs. If you see the cause of the clog, remove it as much as you can. Make sure that you will protect your floor from a potentially overflowing toilet. Place paper towels and newspapers in order to soak up all the liquid. Minor splashes can always appear. Also, you may use chemical products so make sure you have proper ventilation in the bathroom.

Hot Water And Dish Soap

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Place some squirts of dish soap inside the toilet. Then, add hot top water from your waist level so that the water weight can aid in clearing the clog. It is important that the hotter is not boiling as this can crack the bowl’s porcelain. Let both the dish soap and the water sit for some time and when the water goes down, use the plunging method.

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The Plunging Method


Use another method if an object is stuck. The plunger should be used for regular clogs. Always use a heavy duty plunger made out of rubber. A cheap one will usually not work. A larger plunger is always better. In the event that a tight seal is not created when you use the plunger, wrap a rag around it and press down on the leaks. Always run your plunger under hot water so that it will be softened up before you use it.

Make sure that you plunge the plunger slowly but firmly. It needs to completely cover the hole. If it is submerged in water, it will be really effective. If needed, add more water to the toilet bowl. Do not be too aggressive since that would lead towards pushing the clog further down the train.

Wire Coat Hanger

wire coat hanger method

If you cannot unclog your drain with a plunger, you may want to use a wire coat hanger. It will usually work in the event that the obstruction is some inches close to your drain.

Unravel the hanger and twist its top end so that it is not connected anymore. You can wrap the end with a rag so that you do not damage porcelain. Enter the end with the rag inside and push it. Always maneuver in circular motion.

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Remember that there is always the possibility of using a vacuum or a plumber’s snake. Alternatively, various homemade solutions can be used to help in the unclogging process. The methods above perfectly complement homemade solutions.