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Adrian Cruce

Way Too Common Flooring Mistakes You Have To Avoid

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It seems so simple to get your flooring right but countless mistakes can be made during the installation process. This ranges from choosing the best type of hardwood to restoring old tiles. If you enjoy DIY projects, the good news is you can avoid all the common flooring mistakes we highlight below. The bad news is you might be making these without even realizing they are mistakes. This is why you should be aware of what is presented in the following paragraphs.

Not Enough Time For Proper Installation

In most cases, it takes two times more to finish a flooring installation process. Usually, four to five days is more than enough to get the actual work done. However, besides these days, you should add a couple of extra days before you actually bring back the furniture. In addition, during the entire process it is a very bad idea to allow a lot of foot traffic. Just limit it as much as you can.

Chasing The Trends

It is always a great idea to try some new trends, colors, and patterns. However, when looking at flooring, in most situations possible, the best choice is traditional. This is because flooring will cover a very large part of your home. It should last for several years and you do not want it to date fast.

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Your very best bet is to choose something wooden, darker, and with a beautiful grain pattern. Regardless of what you like, do not opt for the big trends. There are countless renovating mistakes you could make but the one you often do not hear anything about is chasing the trends. It also applies to flooring.

Using A Single Pattern

Interior decorating means making some very hard decisions. It is completely normal to struggle when you choose between flooring types. If there are two that you simply love though, you might be able to combine them. For instance, you could have a primary beige floor with some subtle introductions of some shapes, maybe arranged in a specific design. You can use a combo to divide larger rooms into smaller regions.

Only Using New Materials

When renovating a floor, it is a huge mistake to believe that you just need to use the new materials. You can get such a beautiful look with reclaimed timber. When you source very good quality, using second hand wood is not at all a bad idea. You end up with a worn look that is perfect for rustic homes. As a result, you will end up with a room that is romantic and inviting.

Avoiding Contrasting Colors

This mistake often appears when walls are brightly colored or very light. Because of this arrangement, many homeowners avoid bold or even dark flooring.

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Whenever you choose the tone and type of the wood, always think about the overall room and the emotional reaction it creates. For instance, you could combine a dark wooden flooring with rose pink walls. This is a beautiful combination that instantly makes a statement.

Not Considering Parquet Flooring

The reputation of parquet flooring is pretty bad. We can easily understand why since the parquet of the past looked horrible. Fortunately, this is no longer reality and is much better than the seventies look. You can arrange parquet is perfect geometric designs and end up with striking tones. As a result, parquet flooring can upscale a room and look quite artistic. We can say that this is a perfect material you could use whenever you want to build a masterpiece, like weave like designs or starburst patterns.

Not Matching Your Floors To Your Walls

In most cases, it is not at all a good idea to use the exact same color tiles on your walls as flooring is introduced. However, in bathrooms, this is an exception. You can easily go for a fully tiled bathroom that simply matches in terms of colors. Just go for colors that are not common, like green tiles with some charcoal gray or white. Choose a single decorative pattern and then keep all others plain and simple in color.

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Using Improper Grouting

Grey large ceramic tiles are very common but when you use them, it is very important that you choose an appropriate color for the grout. Unfortunately, this is often just an afterthought. Remember that grouting is simply crucial for the overall impact. You have 3 available options:

  • Matching – This complements tiling color and draws focus away from grouting. Usually, you use this when you want to draw the attention to an individual tile.
  • Contrasting – This draws attention to flooring overall layout. The method is popular with patterned or geometric tiling.
  • Neutral – This includes browns, beiges, and grays. You usually use such grouting inside bathrooms when you want a classier look.

Hiring A Cheap Contractor

Last but not least, this is one of the worst mistakes you could make when you renovate flooring. Just as you do not want to choose low-quality flooring materials, you should not compromise when it comes to labor. Such a thing is simply vital in a kitchen because flooring needs to be simply perfect, especially under cabinets. Expansion gaps might be necessary. Only hire the very best contractor you can afford or you will end up faced with huge problems.