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What Are the Different Types of Home Generators That Exist Today?

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People often take the electricity flowing through their homes for granted. It’s what keeps your food fresh in the refrigerator, lights up your rooms, and lets you surf the Internet. When something happens such as a thunderstorm and the power goes out, it can turn your life into chaos.

A home generator keeps the power on even if the electrical grid goes out. There are many types of home generators, and we’ll examine some of the best and how they work. A major weather event can keep the power off for days, so let emergency generators keep you safe when the lights go out.

Types of Home Generators: Portable Generators

If you need electricity to run a few appliances during an emergency, then portable generators are for you. They’re small and designed to be moved to where needed during a power outage. They’re not connected to the main electrical grid.

When the power goes out, you need to get it, fuel it up and plug in appliances you need to run such as the refrigerator. They’re not designed for the entire house.

If you like camping, then portable generators provide electricity for when you’re in the wilderness and nowhere near an electrical outlet as well.

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Residential Generators

One of the best generators to have is one connected to your home’s main electrical system. These are stand-alone generators installed on your property and connected to the home and the electrical grid.

If the grid goes down, then the residential generators recognize it and turn on. You don’t need to plug anything in like a portable generator. It’s connected to your electrical system, so it powers everything in the home.

When choosing a generator for your home, choose one that has enough power to cover everything you need. They come in various sizes, so discuss it with your provider.

These types of generators need to be professionally installed and have regular maintenance. They can go years without use, so yearly maintenance makes sure it works when it’s needed. Make sure to choose the best generator repair service.

Solar Power Generators

A new popular trend in generators is the solar generator. They’re new on the scene but provide a more ecologically friendly approach. Standard generators use fuel such as diesel or natural gas to work.

They’re loud and create a small amount of pollution. Solar generators use the sun and store the energy in a battery. The biggest drawback is they don’t store a large amount of energy.

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The benefits include a constant source of fuel, which is great if you’re without power for many days or weeks. It’s also silent unlike the loud engines of standard generators. The generator industry has many types of solar generators, but it’s rare for them to provide energy for an entire home.

Choose the Generator for You

There are many types of home generators, but which one is right for your home. Talk to your generator provider and do your research. There are few things more terrifying than losing electricity. Keep your family safe with an at-home generator.

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