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Why Thermal Imaging Pest Inspections Are A Must

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The universal thermal imaging technology market size will reach $4.10 billion by 2027. Thermal imaging cameras scan the walls in your house for spots during pest inspections. The cameras detect temperature variances on the surface of a wall caused by something inside.

Termites release heat from their digestive system in the form of carbon dioxide. The released heat creates mud tubes with high moisture content. The mud tubes lead to irregular heat patterns on your wall surfaces and floors.

Your pest inspection service can help identify the pests’ points of entry and sources of moisture that attract them. Pest control technicians train to analyze your specific pest problem and recommend an effective remedy.

Pest inspection services are essential to keep your home safe from pest infestations. Keep reading this guide to understand why thermal imaging pest inspections are necessary.

Non-Intrusive Pest Inspection

Your pest inspection technician uses thermal cameras to detect the pest nests in your walls. No ceilings will be removed, neither will your concealed areas get exposed.

The best pest inspection company Australia will guarantee no damage to sections of your building without pest nests.

Environmental Conservation

Thermal imaging technology can only detect but doesn’t emit infrared radiation. Besides, thermal cameras don’t use chemicals hence their safety for both inside and outside the building.

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Pest infestations can cause damage to your health and property. To protect your home, you can scan for termite nests in timber structures and outdoor surfaces.

Detects Electrical Faults

When your electrical connections start getting defective, the circuits get overloaded. This makes the affected area get hot and can cause electrical fires.

Thermal imaging technology will detect spots with increased temperatures in your walls. This exposes the electrical problem before it goes beyond repair.

Expose Roofing Problems

Rodents can burrow holes in your roof to build homes. While thermal technology can’t show the hole as it is, it detects the difference in temperature at certain spots.

A color change on display will show temperature variance when the hole gets detected. Your pest inspector might conclude that water is getting into the area or heat is escaping. Your pest inspections Australia can recommend the best way forward to maintain the safety of your home.

Inspecting Your Home Energy Efficiency

Thermal cameras can detect whether particular areas that need insulation in your home are warm or cold. Thermal imaging will also show if your windows and doorways let out heat during winter and cool air out during the summer.

A home pest inspection will help you know if your home is energy-efficient and what you should have replaced.

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Protect Your Home With Pest Inspections Services

Thermal imaging technology can help aspiring home buyers get the best value for money. Pest inspection services will help you identify problematic areas that your naked eyes can’t see in your new home.

Ensure that you get a quotation for your pest inspection company Australia before getting into a contract. Knowing your pest inspections cost will help you plan your budget and spend wisely.

Explore this page to learn more about thermal imaging technology and pest control practices.