5 Clever Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

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Whether you have just moved home, or you want to change a few things, there are plenty of interior design tips that you can incorporate into your home that require little effort and cost. Here are five clever interior design tips that can help transform your home for the better.


You may not realize just how much a lick of paint can influence a room in your home. To make a room appear larger, use lighter colors. If your room seems cramped, there are all sorts of ways to make it look bigger, such as by having large windows and natural light seeping in. Try and refrain from using darker colors, as they will make your room feel small.

Using Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a great way to transform your home, making a smaller space feel bigger. For a larger room, place your mirror directly across from your windows, which will create instant light. You will want as much natural light to come into your home as possible, so instead of picking heavy curtains that block it out, opt for blinds you can twist and turn to allow light. Make sure that you check out companies such as Next Day Blinds, who provide premium-quality blinds at an excellent price.

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Patterns and Textures

There are various ways to mix up patterns and textures to fit your personality and style. One of the most important aspects of interior design is to design a home that reflects you as a person. When you consider what furniture to put into your home, mixing up patterns and textures can be a great way to add warmth into your living space. The sky is the limit when it comes to interior design, so try and pick options that suit you, rather than somebody else.

Go Green

If going green is the route you want to go down, adding plants to your living area can be a great start. You can add plants in each room, regardless of size, to add color and texture, creating a home that is welcoming and natural. Not only are plants wonderful, but they help to balance humidity. They are also able to absorb pollutants and remove any harmful gases from your home.


Using a rug on the floor can give warmth and add fantastic color, personality, and texture to your home. Hardwood floors are great to maintain; however, they lack the comfort that a carpeted floor offers, so you will need to decide on what type of flooring is right for you and your home. Area rugs can add much-needed functionality and fun to your home. With a variety of fabrics and patterns to pick from, you are bound to find a rug that’s right for your living space.

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Whether it’s painting a room to make it feel larger or adding a rug to soften hardwood floors, there are all sorts of interior design tips that you can incorporate into your home to transform it for the better.