5 Creative Ideas For Living Room Decoration


5 Creative Ideas For Living Room Decoration

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The living room is that place in your house where you want to spend most of the time relaxing or enjoying a great time with your family and your friends. Being a room used by all members of the family, the living room should be the space that is loved equally by everybody. It is difficult to decorate a room to please all your family members, but if you manage to do it, you’ll make everybody happy!

If you want to change the aspect of your living room but you don’t know where to start, we created a list of 5 ideas you can use as a source of inspiration.

  1. Patterns, Prints And Colors

living room prints

Mixing patterns, prints and colors will add more energy to your living room and it is the best way to incorporate everybody’s taste and personality. You can stick to a simple color palette, like with this 2 million dollars home, and use various shades of the same color on different textures or you can go for a bold, bright, colorful furniture piece and add quirky accents through decorations.

  1. Summer Vibes

living room summer vibe

If you want to keep summer with you all year long, think lemon yellow and lime green! You can keep the furniture white and add pillows, carpets, coffee tables and similar objects as pops of color. These two citrus shades will give you that warm, summery feeling that you love so much.

  1. Symmetry

living room symmetry

If you don’t know how to create the perfect living room arrangement, go for dual accents. Keep the couch in the middle of the wall and add two lamps – one near the left corner of the couch and the other one near the right corner, add two framed picture on the wall and you can even have two stools in front of the couch. If you are loving this idea and you want to go a step further, you can use four pieces instead of two. Four pillows in two different styles, four frames on the walls. Make the couch area the focal point of the room and keep the rest of the room simple and you result is guaranteed.

  1. Simple, Clean And Fresh

living room fresh

For a feminine living room you don’t have to over-do the decorations and add as many feminine details as possible. Sometimes, it is better to keep the furniture simple and design simple and add the details that will make the difference. A white living room will become very feminine and classy if you add a floral rug and other garden accents.

  1. Rustic Vibes

living room rustic

That rustic chalet you stayed in during your winter break had a positive impact on the way you felt? You want to bring those rustic vibes into your living room without transforming your town house into a chalet? Hard wood furniture in various shades of brown, a fireplace and some antique wooden beams will do the trick. If the wooden beams are too much and there is no way you can fix them on the ceiling, a rustic rug is a good replacement. The fireplace and the rug will offer you that rustic and relaxing feeling you were looking for.