5 reasons why you should move to a new Combi boiler

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Combi boilers are hastily becoming the most popular type of heating appliance found in UK homes.  Leading manufacturers such as Worcester, Baxi, Vaillant and Ideal all offer a broad choice of Combi boiler models that are built with different levels of usage and property size in build – this means that you are likely to find a Combi boiler that will do a great job for you no matter what size your property.

Why are Combi systems so popular with new boiler installations? Here are our top 5 reasons why we think they are popular:


Dual function – heat AND hot water!

Combi boilers, short for combination boilers, literally combine hot water and central heating in one unit. The hot water is supplied on demand without the need for a cylinder or any sort of storage (Although storage is available!).

Having the heating and hot water in one unit is not only convenient, it also means that you won’t suddenly run out of hot water unlike, for example, when a shower empties a hot water cylinder on a regular boiler system. This means you no longer need to concern yourself with how much hot water is left, or waiting for the water to heat up.


combi boiler system
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Space Friendly

Because a combi boiler eliminates the requirement of a cylinder, the unit frees up a lot of space which would have otherwise been occupied.

This setup makes combi boilers ideal for small properties such as flats, where space may be extremely limited.  The space saving in those situations may be more a case of necessity rather than convenience.

Most combi boilers are small and compact enough to fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard. The Worcester Compact series, for example, are some of the smallest combi boilers available and would slip into most cupboard spaces with no issues.



Combi boilers are also condensing, which means they pick up waste exhaust gases and extract the heat from them to preheat the water as it passes through the boiler.

This preheating of the water means that less energy is required to get the water to the desired temperature, resulting in greater efficiency.

The majority of combi boilers are over 90% efficient, meaning your energy bills will decrease if you upgrade from a lower efficiency boiler. The lower energy usage also translates to fewer CO2 emissions, which makes the combi boiler far more environmentally friendly than older generations of boiler.


Great value

With the integration of all the components, heating systems equipped with a combi boiler generally work out cheaper than other heating systems.

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The great initial value and low combi boiler prices paired with the efficiency and energy cost savings means that a combi boiler offers superb value for money over other types of boilers.


Extended warranties

Combi boilers are made even more appealing with extended warranty offers from brands such as Vaillant and Worcester. Typically, a standard warranty of a few years is offered which is then extendable. In the case of Worcester, they offer a 2 year warranty off the bat however if you register your boiler on their website they will extend that to 5 years.

Some brands even go the extra mile; Vaillant offer a 7 year warranty on their boilers if it is registered by one of their Vaillant Approved installers.

So if  you’re looking invest in a new boiler in time for the winter months, a combi boiler is certainly an option worth exploring. The energy savings together with improved efficiency and reliable hot water together in an all-in-one space saving unit is a hard option to pass up!
By Glenn Layzell