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Why Asphalt is a Great Choice for Paving

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If you want to add new paving, you might come across several materials that you could use. The two most common materials are concrete and asphalt. Of these two, asphalt is used a lot more. But why is this the case?


No matter the size of the area to be covered, asphalt will always do a great job. This is why it is preferred by top Brooklyn property management companies. It allows contractors to cover different areas with asphalt layers of different thicknesses, depending on how the paving will be used.


Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials on earth. It can be used again and again without losing the properties that make it desirable as a paving material. Because it is recycled so much, the use of asphalt leads to less environmental damage than the use of other paving materials such as concrete.

Also, asphalt can be reused on-site using new technology such as infrared repair, which reduces the need to transport new asphalt to the worksite. In addition, recycling asphalt means that there is a reduced need to mine new material for new asphalt.

Repairs are Cost-effective

As opposed to concrete or other types of paving materials, you can repair a small portion of your asphalt paving without having to remove the whole paving and redoing it. You can repair the areas that are used often and that see a lot of wear. Because asphalt lasts for a very long time, budgeting for these repairs can be done over a 7-10 year period, which means the financial burden will not be too huge to bear when the time for repairs comes.

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Additionally, you can repair your paving in phases. When done this way, it will cause less inconvenience to those who use the paving and help you spread out the payments for the repair. This can make it easy to pay for the repairs.

Faster Project Completions

Where you want repairs done or need new paving installed quickly, asphalt is the best material in this case. Asphalt can be laid in a few hours and the paving can start being used in as little as 24 hours. Because projects can be completed quickly, asphalt paving can be laid at times when the work is going to cause as little inconvenience as possible, thereby minimizing the impact of the works on businesses and properties whose customers rely on the paving.


Asphalt has a very long lifespan. Although it is tough and capable of lasting for decades on its own, its lifespan can be extended with preventative maintenance.

For example, seal coating helps prevent liquids from damaging asphalt paving, thereby giving it a longer lifespan. The ease of repairing potholes and cracks, which can be done quickly, is another way of improving the longevity of concrete paving.

If you are thinking of adding new paving or having what you already have replaced, asphalt is a great option. Not only is it cheaper than concrete if you use recycled asphalt, but it offers you other benefits such as minimal disruption to your business when it is being laid. It is a versatile material that lasts for decades, which reduces the cost of repairs in the long-term.