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5 Reasons You Need a Faucet Water Filter

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Did you know 60 million Americans refuse to drink their tap water? Impurities, poor taste, and chemical odors are a few reasons to avoid drinking from the tap. But here’s the problem.

Unless you’re spending handfuls of cash on plastic bottles, you may be dehydrated, just like the rest of us.

A faucet water filter can change that. You can drink crystal clear water whenever you need it. Boost your health, save money, and more, just with a single economical device.

It’s time for refreshment. Read on.

1. Drink Safe Water with a Faucet Water Filter

Heavy metals, like lead and arsenic, can leak into your tap water. Old city pipes, plumbing, and contaminated drainage can damage your health.

Agricultural chemicals can find their way into your glass too. Pesticides and fertilizers help us grow food. But keep them out of your water!

Water treatments, like chlorine and chloramine, kill off bacteria. But drinking high amounts of these can be harmful. Filter them out with kitchen faucet filters.

2. Save on Plastic, Be Kind to the Earth

Globally, we use about 1.2 million plastic bottles a minute, reports Earth Day. These take hundreds of years to decompose, polluting our soil and oceans.

A faucet water filter helps you to stop this. Keep things eco-friendly.

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Plus, how much do all those plastic bottles cost you?

Once you have your faucet mount filter, you never need to buy single-use bottles again. Invest in a reusable bottle and fill it with your tap.

3. Easy to Install and Low-Maintenance

A kitchen faucet filter is easier to install than most home filter systems. Yes, you can buy carafe water filters, but you need to fill these after each use.

Compared to most water filtration systems, faucet filters take minutes to install. You can replace your faucet water filter with ease. But their durability means they last a long time. 

Browse Filter Outlet for more ideas.

4. Enjoy Clean Tasting Refreshment

Without all those impurities, your tap water will taste pure and crisp. Perfect on a hot day.

Fill a jug and leave it in your refrigerator. Add lemon slices or ice. Fill your reusable water bottle and carry it with you.

With a faucet water filter, your drinks, cooked food, and even salads will taste better.   

5. Drink More Water for Better Health

According to the CDC, water helps you maintain body temperature. Water keeps joints supple, and it even protects your spine. It keeps your head clear and stabilizes your mood.

Your body needs water for almost every function. Make sure it’s pure.

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Is Your Glass Half-Full?

We hope you enjoyed learning what a faucet water filter can do for you.

They are a healthy investment for any home or business. Kitchen faucet filters give the perfect balance of ease, budget, and hydration.

We have plenty more home and interior design tips for you. Check out the rest of our site today!