Adrian Cruce

5 Tips That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into A Modern Sanctuary

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Modern bathrooms are great for sophisticated people who prefer clean lines and refreshing, tidy spaces. Since bathrooms are those places where we relax after a long business day or where we get ready for a busy day ahead, having everything organized in a simple way is not only something desirable but also something that will make people’s lives a lot easier. In order to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary, there are a few important things that cannot be ignored:

  1. Lightning

bathroom lighting

Whether you choose a simple, minimalistic design or a sophisticated style, the most important thing is the lightning. Lightning is crucial in the bathroom since that is usually the place you are getting ready for your day. Bad bathroom lighting can cause many problems, especially for ladies who use beauty products and make-up.

If you live in a house or a top floor apartment, you should consider a large ceiling window. Not living on the top floor but the idea of more natural light sounds good to you? How about windows on an entire wall, instead of one small window? Having more natural light in the bathroom is always a good idea! If that is not a possibility for you, there are plenty of lighting options you can choose from. When it comes to modern bathrooms, geometric shapes are the most loved shapes even for lighting.

  1. Bathtubs

bathroom bathtub

The traditional bathtub shape is the oval shape, but when it comes to modern bathrooms, the oval bathtubs can be replaced with rectangular or pedestal bathtubs. But let’s not forget the most important thing! They have to be freestanding tubs not the standard bathtub that are fixed in the floor. You can also try a vintage legged bathtub if the freestanding ones are not your style. In modern bathrooms, the bathtub should be the focal point.

  1. Simplicity

bathroom simplicity

You don’t need pop of colors if you want a modern bathroom. Keep the things as simple and clean as possible. Choose a neutral color palette you like and pick your favorite shades for the furniture and tiles. You can go for warm tones – various shades of beige and brown or for cool tones – various shades of grey. Keep the bathtub white and simple. If you think decorating with only shades of beige or shades of grey is boring, try to combine these two options. You can have a wall covered in small grey tiles and the rest of the walls and the floor covered in water-resistant wood.

  1. Patterns

bathroom patterns

The best way to have a comfy but modern bathroom is to combine patterns and textures. You can have a white marble floor with gray lines, white furniture, a white bathtub and a geometric print wallpaper on one wall. For a touch of decadence you can add a faux-fur cover on a bathroom stool. The trick is to not be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures as long as the color palette is neutral.

  1. Plants

bathroom plants

Another common thing in the modern bathroom is the flowerpot. Bringing nature into your bathroom is something you should consider if you haven’t already. Not a traditional idea, but definitely an idea embraced by designers who decorate modern bathrooms. Modernism can give you a cold and chilly sensation, but when it is combined with greenery, the coldness is replaced by a fresh and calm feeling.