6 Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom


6 Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom

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You like the furniture in your bedroom but you feel like something is missing? Through décor you can add the extra touch that can transform any boring bedroom into a welcoming one.

  1. Pillows

bedroom pillows

Everybody love pillows and there’s a reason for that! They are not only comfortable, they are also stylish. If your bedroom is mostly white, you can add color through pillows. Don’t be afraid to combine patters, prints and colors. You can make your bedroom very welcoming if you add various types of pillows on your bed. You can also select various shapes and design your own pillow cases if you feel creative.

  1. Prints

bedroom prints

If your bedroom is simple, prints can make it special. The best way to incorporate prints into your bedroom is through bedspreads and lampshades. You can create a contrast between your printed objects and your simple ones or you can use the prints to accentuate the colors you have in your room. For example, if you have a bedroom painted in blue shades, a navy blue geometric print lampshade is a very nice way to bring out the best in your calm room.

  1. Focal Point

bedroom focal point

Every room needs a focal point and in the bedroom the focal point is usually the bed. With pillows and bed covers you can create a cozy warm and feeling. But if you don’t want to focus on the bed area, having another piece of furniture as the focal might be a good idea. Some women love to have a boudoir in their room. If you like this idea keep your bed simple and express your style through your feminine corner.

  1. Color Pops

colorful bedrooms

When the bedroom is small, having white walls help with the way space is perceived. Keep the walls white and add pops of colors around the room. You can use colorful lamps, flowers or paintings. The effect is guaranteed! Same thing goes for those who don’t want to commit to a color for a long period of time. Changing your lamps is easier than changing your walls.

  1. Neutrals

neutral bedroom colors

In both fashion and home décor, neutrals are very often used. They add warmth, they look good with almost anything around them and they keep a room or an outfit simple but stylish. When it comes to your bedroom, you can use various shades of beige and brown to move the focal point from one part of the room to another or to create a cozy place for relaxation.

  1. Personalize

personalized bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, you should feel relaxed and happy inside this room of your house so don’t hesitate to add personal touches. A set of photographs that have a special meaning to you, a personalized wallpaper that manages to tell your story, candles, lights and other ornaments that express your style, all these are great ideas to personalize your bedroom. If you are a romantic person, candles, old-school drawers and curtains will be great for your bedroom. On the other hand, if you are a rational person who doesn’t like feminine touches when it comes to home décor, geometric prints and strong colors are a better choice. Find what works for you and you can make the bedroom your favorite room in the house.