6 Ways To Add French Flair To Your Home

Adrian Cruce

6 Ways To Add French Flair To Your Home

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When it comes to architecture and interior design, France is, and always will be, a great source of inspiration. Sophisticated, elegant and very stylish, the French way is the best way if you dream of a house with an elegant, old-school charm.

French style homes are not as ostentatious as most people think. Living in a French home doesn’t mean living in a place that is not comfortable and practical, no, it simply means that there is more art involved in the decoration and architecture.

Wondering how you can add a little bit of French flair to your home? Here are 6 tips for you:

  1. Old And New

old and new

You don’t have to fill your house with antiques and vintage furniture to add that French vibe to it. Sometimes keeping the room simple and adding a vintage mirror or a vintage chair will do the trick. Vintage furniture looks good in the company of minimalistic modern furniture.

  1. Art And Boldness


French homes are elegant and classy. However, they can also be bold and artistic! It’s up to you to decide which style suits your personality better. If you prefer boldness, having decorated walls, painted ceilings or large pieces of art as focal points might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the artistic side of the French décor.

  1. Don’t Over-Decorate!


French interiors are flamboyant and impressive, but overdoing the French style can go from stylish to kitsch in no time. For example, if you love baroque and you want to incorporate some baroque elements into your home, make sure the other lines are straight and/or keep some walls bare. Don’t pair baroque with ruffles and geometric prints! You don’t want an old palace, you want a chic, comfortable home with a lot of flair!

  1. Natural Fabrics

natural fibers

When looking for drawers, curtains and bed covers, choose natural fabrics. You can try neutral shades for a welcoming and comforting room or you can be more courageous and select some antique French fabrics that have some amazing prints.

  1. French Country Style

country style

If you want to transform your house into a charming, relaxed and rustic home, the French country style is what you should have in mind when decorating. Natural colors inspired by the France’s landscapes, flourished wallpaper, pastels and vintage furniture are the best ways to transform your home into a fairy tale!

  1. Decorating With Vintage Objects

vintage accessories

The easiest and cheapest way to add a French vibe to your home is through decorations. Think outside the box and do not limit your imagination! You can use old French books, vintage photo frames, bedside tables, antique perfume bottles, old ceramics, watering-cans, chandeliers and many other objects. The art of French decorating involves a lot of creativity and passion for art. Art can be easily incorporated in home décor and, when it comes to French art and home décor, the outcome is an elegant, stylish home that will make you feel that you live in a beautiful, romantic story.