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Alternative Window Treatments

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Curtains make an eye-catching statement in any room, yet other window treatments provide unique flair and design options that go beyond curtains alone. From simple roller shades to intricate wood valances crafted of lumber and fabric valances – there are several alternatives that offer distinct flare and design features that provide more design choices than curtains alone. Several alternative window treatments are now available.

This double-rod treatment features light-filtering fabrics and sheers that provide flexible living spaces. Thicker decorative fabrics can be closed for privacy while sheers remain open to allow natural sunlight through.


Curtains offer versatility and are an affordable way to add elegance without exceeding budget as alternative window treatments. Curtains can be combined with valances for greater privacy or used alone depending on your aesthetic; choose from various patterns and styles that will complement the decor perfectly.

For a modern flair, Tempo heading pleat curtains offer an easy and chic solution. Falling softly in regular waves, they create an unobtrusive, clean appearance in living rooms and bedrooms alike – ideal for living spaces and bedrooms! Plus they can easily open or close when necessary.

One alternative to curtains is window louvers (also known as blinds). Constructed of horizontal slats which can be adjusted according to your needs, louvers can make for an ideal addition to modern living rooms or bedrooms and come in various colors to match the decor of any space.

Another effective alternative to curtains is a metal screen, which can be customized according to your personal taste and keep sunlight at bay while offering plenty of privacy. They come in different sizes and materials so they should fit right in with any room!


Curtains and drapes may often be confused, yet each has distinct differences. Drapes typically feature luxurious fabrics that give them fuller shapes while being customized for specific window frames. Drapes also tend to have more formal appearances when combined with an additional element such as a valance or pelmet header to increase elegance.

Curtains, however, can be created using casual fabrics in various lengths and are available from an assortment of retailers. When hanging them over windows or paired with shades they can also be hung from rods directly above. Some curtains even fit inside window frames to give your room a clean appearance while allowing natural light to fill in through trims.

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Alternatively, for an airier and open feel, consider simple fabric draperies in white hues like the terra cotta hue shown here. They pair nicely with neutral palettes while offering the chance to introduce some vibrant accent colors like this space’s pops of orange.

Macrame curtains add an eclectic feel, creating an easygoing atmosphere while adding visual texture. Furthermore, these window panels help block out sunlight and keep a room cool by shading from direct sunlight.

Frosting Spray

Frosting spray provides an affordable alternative window treatment option that looks good both from the outside and inside your home. Featuring a decorative frosted look, frosting spray allows light through while still adding privacy. Perfect for doorways, windows, and skylights in all colors and finishes but is not intended for acrylic or plexiglass surfaces, which is great as alternative window treatments.

Before applying frosting spray, it is necessary to thoroughly clean windows as any dirt or residue left on them will show through in the final product. When working indoors, use a fan to circulate fresh air while wearing a mask against spray fumes; alternatively, work outdoors if possible in order to minimize overspray on objects in your garage or backyard patio.

Shake the frosting spray can and lightly apply a light coat to a clear surface like plastic before spraying windows. This will allow you to learn how to control the nozzle properly and ensure an even application on all windows. Apply spray to windows while keeping the nozzle approximately 1 foot from the glass surface.

Glass Window Shelves

Window shelves offer many practical advantages over curtains in your home, primarily the ability to place decor items without blocking views outside or blocking light entering your room. Furthermore, they’re easy to keep clean and can fit in seamlessly with any style of interior decoration, thus being perfect alternative window treatments.

Transparent glass window shelves offer another advantage when used to brighten a room by not blocking any light and highlighting decor placed upon them. This can be especially helpful in rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms where natural lighting may not be readily available.

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If you’re considering adding glass window shelves to your home, partner with a local glazier to take this popular design trend a step further. Doing so will allow you to reap its many advantages over time – including energy conservation, creating an illusion of a larger living space, and adding character and depth.

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows (also referred to as led or painted windows) combine colored pieces of glass into patterns for added color and privacy without blocking out natural light. Stained glass can often be found in older homes and churches, providing both color and privacy without blocking natural sunlight from entering a space.

Stained windows require both artistic and engineering skill to design and assemble. Glass pieces are cut to size and assembled using H-shaped strips of lead (cames), soldered together using lead solder, then putty is inserted between pieces to seal them tight against water leakage. They may feature figures or figures depicting religious or mythological figures for decoration; glass colored with manganese, nickel oxide, or tin oxide to produce purple to black hues or white using various combinations as coloring mediums; the latter two also produce shades from purple to black and tin oxide produces white shades ranging from purple to black shades while manganese oxide can produce white tones transitional gradients between colors when stained windows are assembled from their components.

Stained windows may not be as energy efficient as curtains or blinds, but they still make for an eye-catching way of dressing your window without blocking sunlight rays. If you want something more energy efficient instead, insulated window blinds might be just what’s needed – known as honeycomb blinds or cellular window blinds, these insulated blinds look similar to standard curtain sets but provide much greater energy savings!

Faux Leaded Glass

Window shelves are an effective way to add additional storage space in any room and act as an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds. Shelves made of glass, treated or painted wood, or even plastic provide plenty of storage options, perfect for housing plants, decorations, or glassware collections. Installation can either take place along the length of your window or on its windowsill itself.

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If you love the look of stained glass windows but don’t want to commit to an expensive project, creating faux leaded glass with clear acrylic paint and leading strips is an elegant solution that adds style to both historic homes as well as modern living areas. This window treatment adds beauty and a unique flair.

Installing new flooring is another simple interior design project that can dramatically change the appearance of any room. Choose natural-looking wood or bamboo floors to match the style of your new window treatments; avoid chemical-laden vinyl and wood surfaces like vinyl planks. Healthy options may include thermally broken aluminum, acacia or ash hardwoods, and bamboo plywood – each available with many finishes to match any decor theme! Additionally, adding new floors may increase home values.

Window Film

Window film is a thin protective layer applied directly to glass surfaces that comes in various styles, transparencies, and colors for direct application. Window films offer great alternative window treatments, an effective solution for those seeking to reduce solar glare and heat, increase privacy or add style by covering windows or adding some color with added pop.

Window films made of polyester or Polyethylene Terephthalate – the same material found in water bottles – can either be professionally installed by professionals or purchased as DIY kits to install yourself at home. Window films can help save energy, control glare, and privacy issues, reduce UV radiation that damages furniture fabrics and carpeting over time, as well as reduce energy use overall.

Window films are often designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of a room’s decor, like MissPrint’s Little Trees window film which features a hand-drawn motif that would look lovely as a focal point on a large windowsill. Other films come with neutral colors that do not block views while still letting natural light in while controlling glare and offering privacy. Moreover, since window films are less porous than glass they collect less dirt making cleaning much simpler than blinds; helping reduce energy costs, and wear and tear on air conditioning equipment while also decreasing occupant discomfort.