Interesting Ways to Dress up The Stairs

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We normally focus on decorating each and every room of our house with latest furniture, gorgeous prints on canvas and coloured coat of paint etc. but the staircase is one place that usually gets overlooked, believe it or not but there is a lot that can be done to beautify them. If you are looking for a large scale change then it’s better to contact a professional but this article provides simple DIY tips to very easily add change and style to a staircase:


Add a Runner

You may have heard of table runners, but similarly and more like rugs are stair runners that fall down neatly over your stairs in colourful fashion. Any staircase can be given the hint of a pattern, texture or be simply brightened up with the use of colour thanks to runners; moreover they provide a better grip and prevent slips or falls. Runners can be always replaced easily to change the colour scheme and the look plus they protect the stairway and can easily be washed. The best options are to go for runners made out of jute, sisal or sea grass.


staircase runner
By Wicker Paradise under CC BY 2.0


Display Art

Pictures and photo to canvas painting are greatly in fashion and can be used to decorate the wall along a staircase to provide an appealing view during the climb. This wall is mostly ignored but it’s a great place for a memorable family photograph gallery or to display a number of illustrations. Make sure each picture you place syncs in with the rest by making sure that they are somehow related, you can opt for monochromatic frames for an ideal looking galleria.

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canvas staircase
By Alan Alldredge under CC BY-ND 2.0


Decor Using Lights

Creating accents through the use of light has always been a popular idea and easily the same can be applied to any staircase very easily and in a number of ways. Small LED lights can be purchased and be hidden just below every stair or on the sides to give off an amazing floating sort of effect to your stairs, you can be creative and purchase coloured lights. String lights, although known for the holiday season, don’t have to be used only on holidays and they can do a great job at twinkling up the banister. Spot lights can also be placed on the wall or banister and be allowed to shine on the stairs or any art work to create a mesmerising feel.


staircase lights
By Martin Lopatka under CC BY-SA 2.0


Replace The Spindles

A dreary looking staircase can easily be given a quick makeover by only replacing the spindles; you can focus on a different material or design. Numerous design are available from simple ones to elaborate carvings while the main types of spindles that you want to focus on are wood, wrought iron and lacquered ones. A simple coat of paint can also do a great job at updating the spindles and adding hints of colour. Stairs also could be decorated with canvas prints art and latest decorated tricks and tips.