How To Choose Dining Chairs

Adrian Cruce

How To Choose Dining Chairs

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It is not that difficult to choose dining chairs but it is also not as simple as you may believe at the moment. There are various different things that you have to take into account and you will want to follow some rules when picking dining chairs. While rules are meant to be broken, at times, this is not a good idea so always think about the following facts when you choose your dining chairs.

Dining Chair Design And Room Design

dining chair design

It is considered to be chic to pair contemporary tables with traditional chairs but it is always a good idea to find some sort of design element that is common. For instance, if the table features sinuous legs, try to find some chairs that have a similar line on the back or in the leg. Alternatively, similar upholstery can be used. When you have a rectangular or square table, you can choose squares that have rectangular or square shapes.

Dining Chair Dimensions

dining room chair dimensions

The standard width for armless dining chairs is 22 inches. Larger is possible but you should only do that in the event that the dining room and/or the table are larger and a regular sized chair would simply look too small. You need to always avoid the chairs that have a width that is under 17 inches. That is because comfort will be really low. Maximum comfort is normally found in dining chairs between 20 and 24 inches deep.

  • Seat Height
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A height of 19 inches is normally standard. There is normally a necessity to have a space between top of table and top of seat of around 12 inches. The dining table is normally 30 inches high.

  • Dining Chair Portability

This is one factor that few people consider but it is quite important that the dining chairs will easily be moved out and in from tables. It does seem obvious but many forget about this. An easy grip is always a great idea and the chairs that have solid backs are normally a little tougher to grab. In this case, you want to be sure that the weight of the chair is not too high. Also, you want to think about who is going to use the chair. If you have elderly people or children that dine at tables, chairs have to be easier to move and light.

Dining Chair Upholstery

dining chair upholstery

The upholstery is another thing that people tend to forget. Remember the fact that you will surely end up spilling something on this chair. After all, it is a dining chair. Easy care is always offered by leather upholstery, cotton blends, ultrasuede and commercial fabrics. The fabrics that have heavy nap or multilevel fabrics have to be avoided as they will eventually show wear. The manmade fibers are normally better when combined with fibers that are natural. In the event that you want fabrics that are delicate, removable seat cushions are normally necessary so that you can replace materials. Buying extra is a great idea when this happens.