Comfort and Style in the Bathroom

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Although we often spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else, when it comes time to renovate it’s often the bathroom that’s the most overlooked room in the house. There’s so much that can be done to enhance the appearance, comfort and functionality of the bathroom, rendering it a more attractive, comfortable and functional room to spend time.


Appearance: Making bathrooms attractive

Whilst it’s important to keep a theme running throughout the house, don’t be afraid to try something daring with your bathroom, though don’t sacrifice comfort or functionality in the process as bathrooms are by nature functional rooms and they must also be comfortable.


Elegant fixtures are what you should look for and graceful, curved lines are a much better choice than blockish vanity units and sinks. There’s an incredible range of fixtures available ranging from the classic and traditional to the contemporary and modern, so give some thought to your bathroom theme and if you’re stuck, visit one of the many websites concerned with bathrooms and decorating.


Depending on the theme of your bathroom you can select either a decorative or simple mirror, and don’t forget that your mirror should reflect both natural and artificial light; natural in the day and artificial at night. There are numerous options for homeowners to select from when sourcing a bathroom mirror, ranging from combined cabinet mirrors, which are a popular choice in small bathrooms and ensuites, to those that dominate and take up the entire bathroom wall.

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Comfort: Cosy and warm even in winter

Taking into account the amount of time we often spent in the bathroom, the frequency of visits and the nature of what we do in there, it suffices to say that every effort should be made to render the bathroom, whether the main bathroom or an ensuite, as comfortable as possible.


The flooring you select for your bathroom should not only be attractive and functional but also comfortable, remember that you will be walking barefoot on it during the coldest months of the year. The best materials for bathroom flooring are ceramic, marble and stone tiles, along with well-sealed hardwood floors; moreover it’s very easy to have an under-floor heating system installed.


Towel railings can also be heated, which in addition to keeping the entire bathroom cosy and warm also keeps your towels dry, and we all know just how unpleasant wet towels can be, especially in winter.


Function: Get more out of your bathroom

Bathrooms are by nature inherently functional rooms so ensuring a high standard of functionality when renovating is a must. Don’t overlook the importance of safety either, as many accidents that occur in bathrooms could have been avoided with a bit of forethought regarding their design.

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Bathtub and shower

Whilst showers are much more efficient – baths tend to waste too much water – it is however nice to have the option of taking a hot bath every now and then so most homeowners opt to have a bathtub/shower installed with a new electric shower with high water pressure capabilities. Sit in the bathtub before buying it and if you’re interested, a two-person bathtub, the variety with slants at both ends and taps in the middle, adds a nice touch.


Make the most of the space in your bathroom and don’t forget that fitted cabinets take up much less space than freestanding cabinets and should offer at least three inches of space and a door that fits flush with the wall. This helps to save floor space, maximise vertical space and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.