Choosing Solar Companies in Indiana: Where Should You Start?

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The solar energy sector has been booming as more home and business owners realize the unmatched benefits of solar panels. As of 2020 statistics, 230,000 individuals worked in the solar industry with more than 10,000 solar companies in each US state.

Considering the high number of solar companies in Indiana, selecting the most reliable is daunting. Keep reading for tips and tricks to help you land the best solar power provider.

Ask for Solar Cost Estimates

Besides reliability, the reason behind the tremendous growth of the solar sector is affordability. Solar panel users are eligible for a federal tax credit of 22% of the cost of solar panels.

To save more on solar costs, look for the most affordable solar provider in Indiana. Ask for detailed estimates that break down the installation and continuing expenses, such as repairs and maintenance.

If the solar company is reluctant to offer you a quote, look for another option until satisfied.

Is the Solar Company Certified?

The ideal solar provider should be licensed and approved to offer these services. If they are certified, it shows that they have undergone evaluation by the corresponding boards and fulfilled the requirements. You can therefore trust them to meet your needs.

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Note that solar companies licensing cannot be transferred to other states. Therefore, ensure the provider is licensed within Indiana.

Consider the Expertise of Different Solar Companies in Indiana

Your ideal installer should be an expert in solar energy systems. You can determine this by checking their qualification. Check if the provider has passed the necessary tests and has at least two years of experience in the solar industry.

If the installer passed the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP), that’s a plus.

Consider Reputation and Credibility

Conduct background research to understand the reputation and trustworthiness of different solar installation companies.

Thanks to the internet, you can check online reviews to determine the reliability of a provider. Check their website and other trusted review sites. If you find more positive comments than negative ones, that’s the go-ahead. And the vise versa should raise a red flag.

Other than reviews, you can establish the reputation of a solar provider by asking for recommendations from your friends and family. Let them share their experiences with different solar companies, then select the most recommended.

Warranty and Follow Up Services

Customer service is critical when choosing a reliable service provider. The amount of effort put in by the solar company to ensure the satisfaction of their customers determines if they value them or are just after making profits.

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It will help if you choose a company that offers a reasonable warranty of around 20 to 25 years. Solar panels are a significant investment. And it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of damages.

Besides warranty, check if the solar provider offers follow-up services. They should check up on you regularly and help out where you get stuck.

Choose the Best Solar Panel Provider Today

With the above tips, you are better positioned to find trustworthy, credible, and reliable solar companies in Indiana. In return, you are assured of quality services to last you a lifetime.

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