Adrian Cruce

How To Make The Kitchen A Cozy Place In Your Home

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The kitchen is not only for cooking and baking, the kitchen can also be the place for fun, snacks and long conversations if the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Making your kitchen functional is a priority, of course, but adding some stylish accents will transform it into a place where all your family will like to hang.

  1. Maximizing The Storage Area

maximizing storage space

One important thing you need to keep in mind when you want to transform your kitchen into a place where you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones is that you need as much space as possible. You can start by adding additional storage areas on the walls and removing some of the old kitchen cabinets. Ceiling cabinets are a thing right now so you might want to look into that.

Keep the counter space and the kitchen table clean, keep your kitchen utensils and all your pans and pots in the cabinets. In this way you will create the illusion of more space and you will also keep the atmosphere fresh and clean.

  1. Large Windows

large windows

We are familiar with living rooms with large windows and great views, but we are not so used to the idea of large windows in the kitchen area. If you have a great view from your kitchen window, you might consider investing in a remodeling project. Replacing you small windows with large windows will change the entire aspect of the kitchen. If you are looking to add even more style to your kitchen, clad the walls in barn wood, add low cabinetry and some farmhouse accents. Walking to your kitchen will feel like going in a relaxing vacation!

  1. Focal Point – Lighting

lighting focal point

If you have an open space kitchen, the best way to attract people in your new favorite sitting space is to have dramatic pendants. The bigger, the better!  Open space kitchens are usually small but if you want people to keep you company while cooking, creating a sitting spot is a good idea. Keep the counter space for cooking and add a bar table with stools for sitting. Place the dramatic lighting above the table and your company is guaranteed.

  1. Cozy Minimalism

cozy minimalism

Minimalism and coziness put together seems impossible, but in home décor nothing is really impossible! Less clutter, more space is the best way to make your kitchen a gathering place. Keep all your kitchen items in the cabinets, use kitchen organizers for the kitchen utensils and keep everything as tidy as possible. Add some modern minimalistic lighting above your table and don’t add many decorations. When it comes to colors, go for neutrals and nudes. First of all, decide what color palette you prefer – warm or cool. Second of all, choose more shades from one color and use them for your entire kitchen. As we already mentioned, you shouldn’t add too many decorations if you want a minimalistic kitchen, but you will need some. Go for bright, colorful ones for the warmth they will bring to your otherwise simple kitchen. You will have a refreshing space that will be decorated with laughter and conversation.