Outdoor Living Space Design Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

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Most of us don’t get enough vitamin D, something vital that our body needs to stay healthy and protect against disease.

The unrivaled number one source of vitamin D is sunlight. So it’s time to get that outdoor space renovated and beautiful so you can bask in the sun and boost your health. 

Creating an enticing backyard feels like a challenge when you have a limited budget. So we’ve put together these easy and cheap ways of creating a stylish and sophisticated outdoor living space. 

Solar Lights

Adding low solar lights to your garden can transform a dull outdoor space into a magical land. Plus, they are widely available and cheap. You can install solar lights by either slotting them into soft ground or adding them to potted plants.

Here’s some more info on creating the perfect landscape lighting for your garden.  

Zone Your Space

Creating zones will make your garden seem more exciting and give it that “landscaped” look but without the high price tag.

A simple backyard patio makeover could include a decked seating area, fresh grass, and a neatly-bordered flower or shrub area. One of the benefits of zoning your outdoor space is its low maintenance.  

A Statement Chair

Why not add a chair that entices you to enjoy relaxing in your outdoor space, perhaps with a riveting book and a glass of your favorite wine? You could go for a recliner, but egg chairs are all the rage at the moment and look ultra-stylish.

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A Modern Fire Pit

Recreate the feeling of camping by adding a modern firepit design to your garden, coupled with low wooden seating for guests. It’s a perfect space to relax under the stars – but don’t forget the marshmallows!  

Multi-use Furniture

Adding furniture to your garden is a significant expense when sticking to a strict budget. So instead of opting for everything, find furniture that offers dual use.

For example, you could buy a bench that offers storage under the seating. Or build seating into your walls using upcycled wood instead of paying for pricey dining sets.

Add a Herb Garden

Have you noticed how expensive grocery shopping is currently? You can save money by growing a few things at home. But a proper vegetable garden takes time and money to install.

Instead, save money on all your favorite flavorings by adding a small, cheap, easy-maintenance herb garden to your backyard. 

Add Colorful Potted Plants

If you want some cheap and quick patio ideas to improve the appearance of your seating area, try this. Add a few potted plants in multi-colored pots.

You can even grow some from seed if your budget doesn’t stretch. And for those with artistic talent, why not buy some plain pots and paint them with your unique designs? 

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Outdoor Living Space for Everyone

Which of these outdoor living space ideas captured your attention? Can you see yourself with friends singing songs by the campfire? Or do you want a quiet retreat to sit and read? 

We have many more design ideas to share, so head to our interior section to explore our latest guides.