Top Outdoor Design Trends For 2018

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Whenever talking about outdoor design there are various trends that keep appearing and disappearing. If you are interested in being ahead of the curve, here are those design trends you do need to consider in 2018 for outdoor areas around your home. Obviously, you can respect them or not but they are definitely interesting to know and can be quite achievable for most homeowners.

Experiences Based Outdoor Design

The huge emphasis in 2018 for outdoor design will be put on creating areas that are functional and fun at the same time. Outdoor lighting or AV systems are added in order to create spaces that are multiuse, being useful both during the day and the night.

The idea you want to think about is what you want to do with your yard instead of what should be done. If the area should be an entertaining area for children or adults, see how you can do that. Some common ideas that can always be mentioned include outdoor kitchens, yoga spaces and huge chess boards. Renovate and innovate based on available budgets.

First Impression Focus

A big focus in 2018 will be: create a wonderful first impression. Visitors should feel welcomed to a home and this is much easier with plantings, beautiful lawns and healthy foliage. The backyard was something that homeowners often invested in but there is a clear shift in focus now with the front of the home becoming an important priority. Ideas that can be considered include ornate paths, sculptures and water features. Commercial properties and office properties are even more likely to focus on front landscaping as we see the creation of biking paths, outdoor dining regions and walking paths.

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Hard Hardscape Material Use

There is a clear demand for long lasting materials in landscaping, with durability being a large priority. This is especially true in the northern climates. Granite, flagstone and concrete pavers will appear. In hotter areas, light color materials are preferred so sun heat is not absorbed. Quality material investments are always great ideas since large temperature swings are to be handled and the outdoor space can easily be enjoyed for a much longer time frame.

Landscape Weatherproofing

Weather is becoming more and more unpredictable so outdoor areas have to adapt. In 2018 we will see many more retractable canopies, pergolas, sails and outdoor heaters, all with the focus of protecting the outdoor areas from snow, wind, rain and all other elements. Roofing structures are also becoming increasingly popular, together with both vertical and horizontal blinds.

Smart Technology Irrigation Systems

The smart irrigation systems are a very good investment. The popularity of these gadgets is obviously high since water savings are a reality while the gardens keep growing and remain green. New systems are so advanced that they can actually monitor levels of moisture inside the soil while local weather conditions can be checked. All this means water output and timing can be adjusted really fast. Yards end up getting exactly as much water as they need.