Easy To Do Garden Make-Overs

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A garden is not built just to improve your home’s aesthetic. It should be a place of sanctuary, where you can clear your mind off the stress that the outside world throws at you every day. Garden lovers can attest to this, as the main reason why they chose the hobby is to be at peace with nature and to have some quiet time for themselves. Unfortunately, though, some homeowners fail to maintain their gardens or improve the landscape to make the area very relaxing. Hence, their gardens become uglier by the day, making them uninviting. To have a better use of your garden, you should first indulge in some projects that will significantly make the area very attractive and relaxing. Once you see your beautiful garden in the mornings or when you get home in the evenings, you will surely want to spend some hours there to relieve your stress or simply commune with nature.


1. A Pond

The sound of trickling water is very calming to the senses. You can just close your eyes and let your ears take in the relaxing sound of your surroundings. The ultimate effect is like a massage to your soul and once you open your eyes you can feel that your tensed muscles have relaxed and your worries are gone. Garden ponds do not have to be too large. If you have limited space in your garden, you can make a small pond and place a few fishes in it, as watching them swim is also relaxing. You can even add some water lilies that give beautiful blooms.

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By Elliott Brown under CC BY 2.0
By Elliott Brown under CC BY 2.0


2. Feeders for the Birds

Is it not amazing to wake up to the sound of chirping birds? You often experience this if you live in the country or near the woods, but you can also bring that experience to the city. There are different types of bird feeders. Some can be hanged, some can be nailed on a post, and others can stand upright. You can choose any style that you like, as they come in various designs too. You can place seeds on it in the evening and expect a number of birds to come visit you in the morning.

bird feeder
By Don O’Brien under CC BY 2.0


3. Flowerbeds

Flowers are relaxing in two ways. First, they give a variety of beautiful blooms and that splash of colors is a real treat to the eyes. Second, they make your garden fragrant, so every time you stay in your garden you become engulfed in the sweet scent. If you are lucky, there could be a third a reason, the pretty butterflies that will come hovering around your flowerbeds to keep you company. Choose any flower that you like and grow them all year round. Remember to cut dried flowers to promote new branches and blooms to grow.

By Anne-Lise Heinrichs under CC BY 2.0


4. A Hammock

When you think of hammocks, the first thing that comes to mind is that splendid vacation you had by the beach, where you spent the whole afternoon lounging by the hammock. Why wait for another vacation to come if you can enjoy that every day? Just find a sturdy tree or post where you can tie the hammock and you can start swaying on it on those lazy weekend afternoons.

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By slgckgc under CC BY 2.0


5. Set the Mood with Some Lights

Gardens should be enjoyed even in the evenings, like after dinner or before you go to bed. It is a nice place to relax your body and mind, so that you can have a restful sleep. You can make your stays there in the evening more relaxing by adding some warm lights or torches that will make the ambiance more comfortable and cozy.


By Tracy Rowan under CC BY-ND 2.0
By Tracy Rowan under CC BY-ND 2.0


6. Make Your Garden Area Private

It is hard to relax when everyone in your neighborhood can see you and maybe even interrupt you. It is advisable to enclose your garden for more privacy, but use a fence material that can perfectly meld with nature, like bamboo and wood. You may also plant trees or large shrubs on your garden’s perimeter.

Needless to say, one of the things that makes a garden the garden is its lawn. No matter how small, it is that one thing that provides refuge from the heat and rush of everyday life. Therefore, keeping the lawn is an essential part of maintaining the garden in tiptop shape. If the grass area in your garden is small, you can use the push mowers, that do not need any power. On the other hand, if your lawn is large, make mowing fun. You can use one of those large, car-resembling mowers that you sit on while mowing.

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These are just some of the many ways by which you can make your garden relaxing. Remember, always keep your garden clean and maintained. Cut outgrown grass, sweep dried leaves off your lawn, and trim the hedges. No matter how pretty your flowers are, if your garden is unkempt, it will still be an eyesore and far from relaxing.

By Lana Wilde