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How To Fix Common Door Problems

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There are so many things that can be said about how to fix common door problems. The truth is that many of the problems that appear inside a home are really easy to fix. You just need to follow some really easy to understand fixes. We will now talk about those that are really easy to do and that are incredibly common. We are confident in saying you will save so much money because of this.

Door Binding In Upper Jamb Corner


This is basically one of the really common complaints as door weight tries to pull it down at angles that are away from top corners, right opposite upper hinges. The door can bind against that corner. In order to fix it, all you need to do is remove a couple of the screws responsible for holding jamb hinge. Use new ones to replace the ones you took out. Make sure that the new ones will reach through the jamb. New pilot holes can be drilled through the holes that already exist inside the jamb.

Doors Do Not Stay Latched


If this is the case or if there is a need to push really hard in order for the door to be latched into the strike plate, you have to check out how your door is fitting. In the event you see the door leaning towards an upper corner, longer screws have to be installed, just as we mentioned above.

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If that is not the case, you have to readjust your strike plate. You can determine where the plate has to go by seeing where the door hits the strike plate. When needed, coat your latch with crayon or lipstick. Then, close the door so that the marks can properly indicate where the door hits the strike plate. Small rotary tools can be used when small adjustments are necessary. When larger adjustments are necessary, remove and unscrew the plate. Reinstall it completely.

Screws Are Coming Out Of The Door


Sometimes it is necessary to create brand new wood in order to let the screws go in. Drill out your old screw holes to standard dowel hardwood size. Glue has to be applied to your dowel, you need to insert it right inside the hole. Make sure that you allow enough time to dry. New pilot holes can be drilled right inside the towel. Then, you can reinsert screws.

Doors Do Not Stay Open


In order to correct this really common problem, you have to add shim between door jamb and hinge back. In most cases this happens under bottom hinge. Loosen hinge screws almost completely so that you can have enough space between jamb and hinge. Add a material like plastic or a wooden shim behind your hinge. Retighten your crews. In some cases you have to adjust shim amount so that the door can properly swing. However, with some types of doors, you might need a replacement. For instance, when the garage door does not stay open and you cannot properly fix it, you want to check out garage door prices and make a purchase since thieves will eye your house.

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