How To Properly Apply Caulk – 5 Tips To Remember

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There are many home improvements do it yourself articles that have helped people around the globe to make changes around the house, without the help of a constructor, plumber, gardener and so on.

Let’s talk about caulking projects and which is the best approach to this matter. As you might know the process of caulking implies sealing different areas or pipes in order to keep water or any other type of material to interfere with certain areas. Here are some ideas on how to apply caulk properly.

The Proper Caulk

proper caulk

First of all, you need to understand that the materials that you use, should be of high quality in order for the process to be done once in 25 years. It’s really important to understand that by using poor quality products, any home improvement will not be able to sustain due to the lack of durability. When it comes to caulk, there are various types of colors, dispersing and methods that one can choose from.

The most popular caulks are made out of latex, silicone or butyl rubber. If the areas you want to use caulk on are wet, it is recommended to try out silicone; for dry areas you should choose latex as it does wonders and if you want to focus on the exterior, butyl rubber is amazing.

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The Dispersing Tool

caulk dispersing tool

This is another important decision that you need to make. The caulk dispersing tool can be easily bought from any home improvement store and can be found in cartridges or even tubes. Of course, the price is an issue here and it depends on the owner how much is he willing to spend. The best choice both in terms of professionalism and cost effectiveness is the caulking gun.

Removing Old Caulk

removing caulk

This is a really important step due to the fact that the surface needs to be smooth, clean and prepared for the new caulk. The process is quite simple, there are scrapers made out of razors that can be used in order to get all the old caulk off the surfaces. Additionally, you should vacuum up and swipe clean the areas in order for all the impurities to be eliminated.

Taping Off

taping for caulk

This might be the “secret ingredient” that your home made improvement needs. By using tape in order to mask all the edges of the joint, you will be able to adjust the width of the joint and more importantly, keep all the surrounding areas safe from all the mess. It’s simple, effective and it will get the job done.

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Applying The Caulk

applying caulk

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for after all the preparations. After masking and cleaning all the areas, you are ready to use the caulk. The first step implies cutting the tip of the caulk tube at a 45 degrees angle and using a long nail or a wire in order to puncture the inner seal.

The next step implies applying the caulk at a 45 degrees angle between perpendicular and horizontal. A piece of advice here is to mind how hard you squeeze the tube in order to get the caulk out. It needs to be proportioned properly.

The last piece of advice is to work slow and to take your time. If you aim to be smooth and cover all the joint slowly, it will be very easy for you in the end.