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French Interior Design Trends

interior design trends

France takes great care to preserve original features like ceiling moldings. This allows them to demonstrate their rich history while adding character and charm to a home.

This aesthetic also allows these elements to blend in seamlessly with other facets of design, such as antique pieces. Rattan and bamboo fixtures, for instance, can work well when combined with ornate antique pieces.

Brass Finishes

Brass has long been a classic finish choice for sockets, switches, lighting fixtures and handles in the home. It offers timeless appeal while fitting seamlessly into multiple decor styles; though traditional or classic decor might benefit most. Polished brass features an eye-catching metallic sheen that draws the eye, but its reflective finish also shows fingerprints and other marks more easily than other finishes. Brushed brass features a more matte surface which requires less upkeep for maintenance purposes. Brass has become increasingly popular as furniture and decorative accessories. Unlacquered brass stands out as being more natural-looking than satin or brushed brass and makes for an exquisite alternative to polished brass; its warm hue perfectly compliments other natural materials like marble and wood. Furthermore, this type of brass adds contemporary and refined appeal when mixed with other metals like polished nickel or black plating for a truly sophisticated and chic aesthetic.

Brass has also become increasingly popular in France as a decorative element by framing wood accents such as cabinets or coffee tables with it, adding an air of luxury and elegance. Pairing darker wood tones with brass highlights the rich hues in each wood grain while adding a glam touch.

French influencers have an affinity for adding brass elements into the home, as well as cane furniture and accents such as chairs like @juliesfi’s or mobile cane chandeliers like @daphnesdreamhome’s into their decor to bring French charm into any room. These pieces add an air of sophistication into any space!

Modern French design employs an array of colors, but prefers softer hues. This allows bolder accents to be added without overpowering a space. Modern French also often features beautiful architectural forms as decorative devices – these may include mouldings, ceiling details or wall panelling as examples of this.

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Modern French style stands out in part by paying respect to a building’s history and character, even if that means keeping original features that may no longer be relevant or up-to-date. Everyone can appreciate this appreciation of a building’s heritage regardless of personal decor tastes.

Bold Patterns

French style is synonymous with sophistication, and one characteristic that sets it apart from its counterparts is its intricate patterns on furniture, curtains, or wallpaper. Chintz floral motifs are popular choices; however other Moroccan and Middle Eastern-influenced patterns such as arabesque shapes or geometric motifs have begun making an appearance in contemporary French interiors as well. You may even spot lanterns featuring this exotic flair! It adds bold and exotic flare to any space while creating an element of Orientalism into a French home interior design scheme.

As much as neutral colors make for an inviting aesthetic in many spaces, they can also limit how impactful your room will look. By adding in accents that complement your neutral palette’s hues and adding pieces with color accents – for a modern take, try placing brightly hued artwork or side table accessories; for something less striking try small textiles or window treatments featuring this trend.

Revivify the atmosphere in any space by adding energetic geometric designs like polka dots and stripes, but a great way to incorporate them is by selecting one primary print as the focus point in each room – this allows other patterns to shine without competing or overwhelming the overall design.

Another fun and playful way to add some whimsicality into your space is with body-shaped decor pieces. Though this trend isn’t exclusive to France, many influencers in France favor it as an eye-catching decoration option for their living rooms; from @Sabina Socol’s mantelpiece candleholder and butt-shaped vase to Madame Decore’s vase; these accessories will inject some French glamour right into any space!

French style offers the perfect combination of beauty and practicality to bring luxury into any space. Whether it be the rug you need to complete your living room or needing something for your bedroom, we hope this guide helps you locate all of the necessary furnishings to create your ideal French-inspired space.

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French style entails mixing vintage or antique items with more trendy decor pieces for a stunning result. While it might seem counterintuitive to combine brass and gold-toned accent pieces with traditional white furniture, modern French decor often does exactly that. Martyn Lawrence Bullard of The Shade Store’s recently launched collection states “French style never goes out of fashion, it just gets reinvented with vigor and panache!” He goes further by noting contradictions are what define this design style: “Think about mixing old with new–it can be quite beautiful!”

He notes the growing popularity of woven baskets and vases that resemble animal skin as an example of this trend, noting how this style feels fresh within French decor, especially when combined with certain color palettes. “French-inspired rooms tend to utilize soft neutral tones so accent pieces stand out and add visual interest,” according to him.

Textured decor adds depth to modern French living rooms by creating depth–such as adding wainscoting or other intricate trims–that provide striking contrast against white walls, while providing an immediate sense of history to any space.

French decor is often distinguished by decorative motifs such as floral and toile patterns found on draperies and upholstery, or fabrics featuring feathers or botanical elements.

Finally, natural elements are always popular in French decor. They add warmth and balance to any space when used as accents like large art pieces or flooring materials with impactful colors.

However, French homes don’t always embrace American trends like body-shaped decor trends – their influencers’ Instagram feeds demonstrate this fact! Many French influencers have taken to adopting it with gusto; @emiliebrunette features multiple Anissa Kermiche vases on her mantelpiece while @leasy_inparis boasts an unusual Grecian vase in the shape of butts!

Natural Materials

French design is known for its elegant simplicity and connection to nature, so incorporating elements of this aesthetic in your home may help to ground you and ground you more in an increasingly urbanized world. Natural materials like earthy tones and botanical patterns are hallmarks of French aesthetics.

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South of France is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush countryside. To bring this aesthetic into your home, consider decorating with soft textiles like linen or cotton and incorporating sea-inspired blues and greens for added visual interest. Additionally, look out for fabrics featuring floral or paisley patterns for an additional elegant touch.

Fabrics play an integral part in South of France decor, from upholstery to table linens and window treatments. Fabrics with floral or geometric embroidered motifs such as ginghams or stripes are popular; toile patterns also add visual interest for curtains and bedding.

Skip matching furniture sets altogether in your South of France room, and instead opt for an eclectic mix of rustic and refined pieces that look collected over time – for instance a weathered armoire or vintage chair can sit alongside elegant toile fabrics and wrought iron chandeliers for an authentic French aesthetic.

Color schemes inspired by Provence are popular in the South of France, featuring soft shades of pinks, lavenders and rich blues and greens. Select a wall color, then pair it with rugs, pillows and drapery in shades similar to it for an eye-catching effect.

For optimal results, avoid sharp lines and flat finishes like mirror tables and black metal chairs, which can feel cold and impersonal in an intimate French-inspired space.

Gold accents add a luxurious look, which French people are fond of doing. Look for lamps, candlesticks and handles in gold to elevate any room’s decor.

Start building French-inspired designs into your home by looking for antique and secondhand pieces that speak to you – visit flea markets, Facebook Marketplace or estate sales to locate items with history and character. Give new or existing furniture the classic French aesthetic by using color washing or sponging techniques on it; or create slipcovers using natural-colored linen fabric and dye it yourself until achieving your ideal shade!