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Get Organized: Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Technically, a bedroom could be as small as 7-feet by 10-feet to be considered a bedroom. That is not a lot of space to fit a bed plus your personal belongings. 

So, if you are working with a tiny room you need to get creative with your storage options. 

Read on for some of the most effective small bedroom storage ideas. 

Utilize Wall Space

Having a small room means you have less wall space but that does not mean you cannot use it. These ideas for small spaces utilize your walls to keep items off the floor, leaving room for more furniture. 

  • Use floating shelves to store small things like books rather than having a bulky bookshelf.
  • Hang your clothes rather than knick-knacks in your built-ins.
  • Place wall hooks for everything, from clothes to toys.
  • Hid your bed in the wall during the day with Wilding Wallbeds.

Designate sections of your wall for particular items to stay organized and avoid too much stuff in one area. 

Think Multipurpose Furniture

When it comes to storage ideas for small bedrooms you have to think about double duty. Purchase furniture that serves two purposes like sitting and storage. An excellent example is a trunk at the end of the bed that provides ample storage with a soft, large seat for getting dressed.

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You can also use nightstands with drawer space instead of side tables to get the most out of your furniture. 

Use Under the Bed

Do not forget about under your bed when considering a small storage design. However, this does not mean throwing things under your bed. Place flat drawer units, shoe boxes, or plastic storage containers under it to easily access at them any time. You can also buy a bed with built-in storage units under the box spring.

Cover up the storage with a duvet cover or an extra-long sheet to give your bed a sleek design appeal.

Buy Shallow Dressers

While shopping for furniture keep small bedroom organization ideas in mind like buying shallow rather than deep, bulky furniture.

This is especially helpful if you need to use a wardrobe or dresser. These two items can easily take up much-needed floor space. So, find ones that are narrow yet long to compensate for the lack of depth. 

Hang on the Back Door

If you are looking for unused clothing storage ideas, especially where to put things you use often, then do not forget about the back of your door.

Place hooks for sweatshirts and jackets or hanging shoe racks to easily store all of your footwear in one convenient location. 

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Move Things Out

Your last resort if you run out of storage options is to remove items from your room. There may be items that could relocate to the garage or attic. Or they might belong in another room. For example, your shoes could go in the mud room or place them on a rack by the front door. 

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Create Functional Spaces

After using these small bedroom storage ideas you will find that your space is more functional. You are left with less clutter and can locate your things quickly. You might even notice that you have space for another piece of furniture. 

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