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Great Feng Shui Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Make You Sleep Better At Night

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Feng shui principles state that the bedroom can easily help an individual prosper in life, as long as room elements are placed in a proper harmony. Based on this, there are different bedroom design ideas that exist and that are meant to help people sleep better at night.

We can define Feng shui as an ancient Chinese practice that adjusts object and building arrangement and orientation in order to enable a positive energy flow (commonly referred to as chi). When correctly applied, it is believed that the energy gained brings prosperity and harmony. If you want to gain such advantages, you may want to consider the following bedroom design ideas based on Feng shui principles.

Make The Bed The Most Important Part Of The Bedroom

In a bedroom you want to rest so the bed has to be a huge design focus. When building the layout based on feng shui, specialists claim you will simply sleep a lot better during the night. You do this based on the following things:

·        Bedroom layout

The main principle to remember is that you want to put the bed in a position where you are as far as possible from the door while gaining the widest possible room visual scope. Commonly used principles include:

  • Placing the bed with the back against the wall.
  • Add free space around the bed’s foot end and sides.
  • Never have the bed with the back to the entrance.
  • The bed has to face the entrance without being in a direct line with it.
  • The bathroom door needs to always be closed if a bed faces it.
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·        Buying A Really Good Bed

Buying a new bed is always recommended when you create feng shui design in your bedroom since the old bed frame or the old mattress can be embedded with energetic impressions of past owners. Getting a new ped helps create new positive energy. Basically, you need to replace the bed whenever:

  • You break up from someone you shared the bed with.
  • When a person dies on the bed.
  • If a person that slept in the bed had a severe illness.
  • After you get married.
  • When you move to a new house.

If you cannot afford buying a new bed, you should at least consider changing the mattress.

·        The Perfect Bed Shape

In order to have a soothing bedroom based on feng shui principles, the shape of the bed needs to be appropriate. This means bed frame should be moderate and simple in size. When there are built-in drawers, they have to be used only to store some items that are connected to sleeping. Wood is always better than metal and the bed has to always be grounded. Water beds and pull-out beds have to be avoided.

Create A Harmonious Air Flow

The feng shui bedroom layout is not good if not enough airflow is present. If there is too little movement, energies stagnate. At the same time, if there is too much air flow, good chi is blown away. You can easily eliminate the boxed bed frame to help with natural air flow and furniture has to be placed so that air flow is not disrupted.

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Fresh air is always important but you should not add greenery since plants keep growing as you sleep in your bed. New energy practically interferes with your restful energy.

Add Inspirational Art

In your bedroom you want to show off the items you love. Carefully choose artwork in the bedroom. Focus on pieces that truly resonate with what you now want in life. Focus on inspiration and what makes you feel really happy. You may want to go for some melancholic art but feng shui principles state that these are not appropriate as they mimic this emotion deep in one’s life.

Do Not Face The Mirror

The principle that has to be remembered is that mirrors will reflect energy. They can even scare you during the night while it is a certainty that you will not fully rest if you face a mirror. If you want to add a mirror to the bedroom, be sure that it does not face the outside or the bed. Do not let the mirror face outside areas since it can bring in some external energy, which is not always great. One of the ways in which you can do things right is to add a smaller mirror and be careful where you place it.

Use Light Lighting Sources

If you want the bedroom to be relaxing, soft light is practically mandatory. Based on the available light source, the light you get will influence your body. It is always recommended to choose the light sources that will not add to EMF (electromotive force) pollution. Alternatives that can be considered include candles that have natural essential oils or clarifying salt lamps. These also do wonders in purifying the air.

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Keep Bedroom Doors Closed

When you sleep, you need to close the door. If the door is opened, all the positive effects you get from feng shui placement are removed. Basically, you want to gain energy and build it up. If doors are open, it just disappears.

Remove Technology From Your Bedroom

The idea is to remove distractions and what can detract from healthy energy flow. Technological devices like radio, exercise equipment, radio and computers have to be removed. Unnatural light will work together with clutter to make your mind restless and uneasy. Sleep improves if you just remove the technology from the bedroom.

Cultivate Positive Energy Through Color

Colors have to be taken into account. Specific energy can be cultivated based on what you need. For instance, when you opt for purple, orange, pink and red, you attract romance and love. If you want healing, opt for yellow. If you need wealth and growth, choose green. The bed linen color should be chosen based on making the room neutral.