Home Decorating: Four Tips For Decorating Your Kids’ Room

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Ready to help your favorite little person have the room of his or her dreams? You can design the perfect room for your beloved peewee with some simple decorating tips. These tips are fast, fun and won’t force you to take out a second mortgage.


Think In Terms Of Size

An easy way to help your child learn how to clean up is to install children’s sized open shelving. To create a space for everything, run shelving along an entire wall. Let your child choose his own paint color or decals. For added fun, use paint that glows in the dark.

Buying pint sized benches, bureaus and coat racks will make your child more likely to use them. Keep the most popular toys and books within easy reach.


Accessorize With Color

If your budget is tight, consider using colorful throw pillows, sheets and blankets to add flair to your tyke’s living space. You can also use colorful decals to dress up a bland wall or headboard. A soft, bright throw rug is an excellent way to carve out a small play area in the bedroom.

Painting trim in a bright color is a great way to accent the entire room. Bright orange or yellow can liven up an otherwise pale bedroom.

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kids room interior
By amy gizienski under CC BY 2.0


Hang that Artwork

If your child has a flair for drawing, pick up some inexpensive frames at a crafts store and create a mural of her masterpieces above her bed or desk. This ideas is a fun way to show off your child’s favorite pieces, and it will also be a source of pride.

Most art stores sell removable wall transfers that make a nice addition either in-between the framed artwork or in its own space. This is also a good way to let your child dress up the walls in a way that isn’t permanent. Most parents are happy about this lack of permanence when it comes time to paint again.


Have Fun With Window Clings

Window clings are another way to decorate your child’s room. These clings come in a whole range of styles so it is easy to find the perfect look. If your little one is old enough, let her pick her favorite window clings and help her apply it.

Window clings can also be used on mirrors, in bathrooms and even on the backseat car windows. They’re easy to apply and just as easy to peel off, so let your child express herself with this fun accessory.