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Interior Designer Or Interior Decorator? What Should I Hire?

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The questions often appear since the work of the interior decorator and of the interior designer are rarely understood. Most believe that the work is the same but the truth is that these two terms are not synonyms. There are various similarities that appear but there are also differences. In some cases you need one professional while in others you need the other one.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers

The interior designer needs to go through formal training and specific schooling. In most cases the work done in schools involves studying fabrics, colors, CAD training, space planning, architecture, drawing and much more. When the designer graduates, he/she goes to work as an apprentice to a designer that is established. In most of the US states and countries we have specific exams that need to be passed so that the interior designer can be registered.

An interior designer is always comfortable with the work involved in spatial planning. The professional will help with renovating interiors from the design of the initial floor plan to adding decorative accents. Room functionality is practically enhanced. An interior designer will often work really close to contractors and architects.

Interior Decorators

Interior Decorators

An interior decorator does not need schooling or formal training because of the fact that the main focus is put on aesthetics. This professional will not normally work with structural planning or renovations. He/she will appear after that in order to complete the project. Various different courses and programs are available for those that are interested but they are not necessary.

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The interior decorator is really good at making a room look perfect. Clients are helped to choose color schemes, decide on the desired style, buy accessories and even furniture. In most situations a decorator will be contracted in order to make living space a lot better whenever necessary.

Because of the lack of formal education, interior decorators rarely work with architects or contractors. This is definitely one of the biggest differences between the two professions.

What Should I Hire?

To put everything as simple as possible, in the event that structural changes are necessary, the interior designer is the one that has to be considered. In the event that there are no changes that are needed and that would involve structural modifications, but there is a need to talk to someone in order to decide style, choose furnishings, paint, windows, accessories and so on, the decorator is a really good professional to think about.

In conclusions, the interior decorators and the interior designers can both create wonderful functional and beautiful spaces. However, the professions are completely different. It is important to assess personal needs so that you can choose the one of the two that you have to hire.