You know very well that when it comes to changing the style of your home, this can get expensive very fast and not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money in this regard. However, the good news is that you can easily make use of picture frames in order to achieve this. They come in various types of materials and on top of that, you will also be able to have them in a wide range of colours, sizes and of course, styles. Below you will find a few ideas on how you can best use these frames to improve your home’s looks.


Three decorating pictures ideas:

Picture Frame Collage

It seems that recently more and more people are considering this trend and what’s great about it is that it matches both contemporary and traditional homes. The idea behind this trend is that each frame will need to be rectangle or squarely shaped and range in sizes from small to big. When it comes to considering this idea, you will need to ensure that each piece will fit perfectly. The thing is that some people will find considering such projects a bit difficult and if that’s the case with you as well, then you can use premade picture frame collages. You can have them in as many shades as you want and for your master or living room, they’ll be the best addition you can get.

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Picture Frame Collage for home decoration
By Lauren Manning under CC BY 2.0


Vanity Tray Picture Frame

If you want to hold your pictures in style, you may also want to take a closer look at how a vintage vanity tray will help you with that. Maybe you already have an old frame that has a Versailles or renaissance look and if you do, then you can begin the transformation of it and turn it into a tray for your vanity. No one will be able to tell that it was once a frame that hung on your wall and everything they’ll see will be the wonderful timeless and romantic look it will bestow to the room. For those who love the more modern look, they will just have to use an oak or white frame.


Large Frame Mural

Another great innovative idea that you will be able to consider involves purchasing added pictures and large frames to follow a certain theme. It’s something you can easily consider and the frames are going to be available at most department stores for a very low price. It’s an amazing idea that will add diversity to your room and make everyone who will visit it say “wow”. Thus, if you want to design the room of your child, you will just have the pale 3 large frames above his bed and then use some photos he or she likes. It doesn’t matter whether those photos will picture places, animals or even your child.

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With that being said, these are but a few ideas you can consider when it comes to improving the looks of your home using picture frames. Enjoy the new look and mood your home has!